Bad stomach experiences with 1.8

First time user here. I’ve been having 0-2 meals of Soylent 1.8 a day for about 2 weeks now. I notice every time I do, I end up with bad diarrhea within an hour after having some.

I’ve read that Soylent is supposedly to be easy on the digestive system and should not cause this. Any advice? I love the idea and product, but can’t keep having these bad stomach issues after!

Yeah, one of the things that drew me to Soylent in the first place was how Rob mentioned it would be easy to digest. Well it turns out trying find a recipe that is easy to digest for EVERYONE is damn near impossible. With that said, I recently heard about oat protein. I’m guessing everyone should be able to handle that one, as long as it’s gluten free…

Sucks for me…Turns out I’m allergic to Soy or can’t tolerate it