Bad taste in cacao bottles


I’ve drank soylent for over a year now as a large part of my diet, and yesterday i got a new shipment of cacao from Amazon, and it tastes Awful.

I still had some of my last order from amazon left over, tried the new and old ones next to eachother, and theres a huge difference in taste, the old ones taste Great, and the new ones are awful.

this new shipment i can’t even drink, it has this awful taste to it i can’t exactly explain, like Sharp, or chemically, like Plastic almost

I also got another order of cacao today, but this one i ordered from Soylents Website…And they have this same exact Awful non-drinkable taste to them, Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I’ve drank a lot of soylents in the old and new bottles - I’ve had cacao, strawberry, and vanilla soylents in the New bottles that all have tasted just fine, and nothing like these ones.

I do not think it has to do with the new bottle type, maybe just a bad batch(s).


I didn’t notice a “bad” taste in the cacao flavor, but it does seem stronger than I remember it being… as in more chocolatey (I’m pretty sure that isn’t a word but yeah. Lol) I switched to strawberry because the flavor is milder, but still there… original is too bland but maybe you could try the original and add a few of those flavor drops to it? I know that defeats the purpose but yeah… didn’t notice a plastic taste but definitely is different in some way… in my opinion just stronger and sweeter if that makes sense.


Yeah that could be a better description for sure it’s really hard for me to describe and i’m not the best at being descriptive, i’d generally just say it tastes Off, but not like Spoiled, or majorly different, but at least not normal in some way that doesn’t seem right, at the very least yeah i’ll just have to sadly avoid the cacao for a while it seems, but is not the biggest deal as i like other flavors as well that seem fine, but it is a bit of a bummer to get 2 cases of them that were disappointing and not desirable


You got it right with a chemical-y taste. Others (including me) have complained about this with the new bottles. Here’s a good thread:

I contacted Soylent to give them my feedback directly. They had no comments about the chemical taste / aftertaste but they did ask for the manufacture info so they could research it. They also sent me a replacement box of the same stuff which had the same chemical taste.

I’ve been drinking Soylent a while and have a lot of existing “squircle” bottles of the same favours and the difference in taste is striking. I’m convinced it’s either the new bottles or the new bottling plant or something to do with the switch from the old bottles to the new.

Note I also bought the paperboard / aluminum bottles they sell in Target, and there was no odd taste or aftertaste. And of course, no weird tastes in any of the powder products.