Baking with soylent, will it evaporate most the things you need?


I’ve seen alot of people on forums baking with soylent and was just wondering if you’ll lose what you gain from drinking it?


It’s not particularly designed for cooking (it’s basically a blend of oat flour, rice protein and starch, which isn’t an especially dexterous kitchen combination) but nutritionally it should be basically OK. Some vitamins will denature with the heat - thiamine, niacin, folate - so I wouldn’t live on a diet strictly composed of baked Soylent goods. If you decide to trade out shakes for Soylent bars, mix in some lean meat and salad greens every now and then.

EDIT: Don’t forget the oil, or at least replace it with something better for your cooking project. Canola will work and it won’t denature at bread-baking temperatures. You could mix in some butter too if you’re inclined. I’d probably skip the fish oil if I was baking cookie bars, but that’s your call.


I believe this is relevant


The Soylent team has mentioned that Soylent is mostly heat-stable. When you’re baking with Soylent, remember that you’re essentially using a gluten-free mix, so adjust your recipe accordingly.