Balancing HORMONES and dealing with food intolerance / allergies


I would love to try Soylent (But I live in the UK :frowning: and you guys don’t deliver!!) as way to deal with my various digestive issues, allergies and intolerance problems. I really don’t know what to eat anymore and even though I keep on eliminating things from my diet, I still have episodes where I feel terribly sick, I throw up violently and feel generally rubbish. So I am quite concerned that I am not giving myself the nutrition I need.
Another issue for me are hormones. As a woman, I struggle with different levels of PMS every month for about 10 days and what I eat influences it A LOT. Hence I’m already taking an array of supplements as a way of balancing them.
I am hoping that by balancing my nutrition I could finally FREE myself from the slavery of food (for me)

Thank you


I guess this is as good a place as any to talk about the allergens

The campaign page says “For anyone who struggles with allergies, heartburn, acid reflux or digestion, has trouble controlling weight or cholesterol, or simply doesn’t have the means to eat well, soylent is for you.” and "This first run will be the regular vegetarian soylent, which should be lactose-free, halal, and free of most known allergens."
Yet the ingredients list for v.8 alpha says it contains soy, oats, rice and maltodextrin (usually made from wheat corn or rice)…ALL of which are COMMON allergens.
I don’t know if it’s possible to make a product that is allergen free. It has to be made OF something.


I’d probably start by talking to a general practitioner, or seeing a specialist about what allergies you have, and comparing that with the official recipe or any of the DIY recipes abound. Keep in mind that both are due to change. Though some have found that the stability you get from controlling your diet in this fashion helps other problems, soylent is by no means a solution to existing health issues.

All this said, international delivery has been available for some time now for the official version. I believe you can just add an extra $10 to the cost to cover shipping.

@isa: I think you’re confusing specific compound allergies with their source (which can, and are, processed out depending on what you’re pulling), but might also be thinking of gluten sensitivity, which isn’t an allergy at all.


No, I’m not confusing compound allergies but was actually referring to sensitivities (igG responses as well as igE). I have had the discussion about the “allergens” being processed out completely, numerous times, and most that I’ve discussed it with, including trials of my own, indicate that even though the proteins seem to be processed out, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a reaction…
I prefer to avoid all foods that give any reaction, as none of them are pleasant. I just stick with carbs from veggies, and meat, fats and lots of veggies for all my other dietary needs. Not sold on the powder. Not at all. I put a lot of stock in live food, mostly plants.