Balancing phosphorous and sodium


Hey, as I’m looking at the formulations you guys have put up, I’m curious if you guys are taking too much sodium. Some of the spread sheets get 100% dv of sodium from table salt, but then also use monosodium phosphorous, which is 23% sodium by weight. Has anybody either used a different source of phosphorous, or decreased the amount of table salt and supplemented chloride somewhere else? Or am I misunderstanding something?


I don’t use monosodium phosphate for exactly this reason. Instead I use a mix of: Calcium Phosphate (powder), plus a little rice bran (which gives magnesium and fiber - careful not to overdo the fiber), and there’s phosphate in the protein mix I use.


If you do take too much sodium, from what I understand, it gets flushed out quite easily. I could be wrong, though.


Aaaand you just alerted me to an error in my spreadsheet. Thanks @Sofor9. Chloride could be supplemented with potassium chloride, see the simple math I did.

When I get home I’m going to revisit this, see if I can work potassium chloride in better, since it’s a cheaper source of potassium.


I could be mistaken about this, but I believe I remember reading that potassium gluconate is somehow better than potassium chloride, or that the gluconic acid has some kind of side benefit, I want to say having to do with the gut flora. I believe potassium chloride is also cheaper by potassium mass, since it is a higher proportion of the molar mass than in potassium gluconate. Let me know what you learn.


Well, that’s sort of true. It would be harder to overdose on sodium than magnesium or iron, but higher amounts of sodium can cause high blood pressure, retention of water weight, and I believe it either decreases absorption or accelerates loss of other ions.


I’ve been doing what @chris suggested – I consider monosodium phosphate a source of sodium, and I only use as much NaCl as is necessary to get up to the sodium RDA. I use KCl as my potassium source. All in all, I’m getting 240% of the RDA of chloride, but I couldn’t find anything that indicates that this would be problematic.

Is anyone aware of any negative effects of consuming this much chloride? (No problems so far!)


Oh hey, it turns out my spreadsheet didn’t have an error after all, as the nutrition label on my monosodium phosphate included sodium. So my numbers from above are accurate. If I crunch some numbers on combining potassium chloride and gluconate with as little gluconate as possible I’ll post those.