Banning promotion of competitor products in forums


The time has come to ban third party hustling for competitor products to soylent. Spaceman 100% food, joylent, whoever, just get your own site already.

This is NOT about DIY. It is about commercial enterprises stealing bandwidth and eyeballs from Rosa labs, risking the future of the industry. One issue I have with spaceman’s operation is the fact that technically if someone were to order and receive a shipment, under Australian law they would be able to be arrested for importing a controlled substance (hemp). The fact it may or may not be a part of the plant that’s dangerous is not the point. Under the current wording of the law it is illegal. These are issues that ultimately will hurt Rosa labs if they allow this sort of activity to be openly conducted on their site.


Or let them be part of the community and just get some guidelines on product advertisement.
Not everyone of the “freeloaders” is here for the sole purpose of pushing their product.


Try selling stuff out of the back of your car in a Walmart carpark, on setting up a stall in the aisle of a super market to sell things. See how far you get.


There are many different types of soylent. Rosa Soylent is only one specific type.

“We can reasonably give the following definition. Soylent is a single
food item which provides complete nutrition, and is reasonably priced
(in the same sense as before). Anything fulfilling these criteria
deserves to be called soylent.”


I for one welcome the likes of 100% Food, Joylent, and others. For one thing, it fills a void until such time as Rosa Labs is able to properly meet demand. Plus, they are competition, however small, to Rosa Labs, and will hopefully keep them on their toes and help encourage them to never stop improving Soylent.


I am not against competition. Its just a little unfair that Rosa labs built up a thriving forum which has been hijacked by opportunistic parasites who think its appropriate to peddle thier wares there.


As has been discussed before, I and I think a majority of members here don’t mind having them around. Honestly given Rosa Labs ability to communicate, deliver, and in general actually do anything beyond take our money on a consistent basis I think having them reminded that there are people who can and will satisfy their former and current customers is a good thing. Finally, given the open source nature of the original soylent, I doubt you will see them being removed anytime soon.



It will end once Soylent tries to get their piece of the sales


I say we make this site a pay to play site. Only those who have ordered official soylent should be allowed here. Thoughts? Opinions? Fisticuffs?

No I’m not serious.


That would be a terrible idea on so many levels.


Agreed 20 characters


Why so much anger and hate towards these guys? Rosa Labs obviously doesnt mind or they would have put a stop to it. If anything I think there helping as of right now, Rosa is experiencing production issues and these guys are giving people an alternative while they wait for there Soylent.


I love the diy peeps that don’t push their product purposefully…Can’t wait to reorder actually


I’m against pushing out the freeloaders at this stage and definitely against any overtly hostile action against them. One thing the DIY community proves is that soylent is much more than Soylent. Also, these “freeloaders” are keeping the flame alive while Rosa Labs gets its shit together.

I would definitely not be here if it wasn’t for the DIY, spaceman’s food and possibly Joylent.


This forum is for all types of soylent, plus discussion about soylent as a concept. Rosa Soylent is no more (or less) important or valid for discussion than any other soylent product. Probably less than 10% of all soylent consumed to date has been Rosa Soylent, with the rest being either DIY or the various for-sale products. Rosa’s market share may increase as they get their logistical issues sorted out, but I doubt it will ever achieve majority market share within the soylent community, as production of other soylent products is increasing at the same time.

Maybe subforums would be appropriate, like General Discussion (soylent as a concept), DIY (for DIY you make yourself, which sounds redundant, but needs to be distinguished from people selling DIY), For-Sale DIY, Rosa Soylent, and Third-Party Products (for things like Ambronite that might not fit well in the for-sale DIY section). That way people who don’t care about DIY can filter out DIY, and people who don’t care about Rosa Soylent can filter out Rosa Soylent, and so on.


Yeah, I’m all for DIY’ers being on this forum. Maybe they need their own subsection or something but the point of this forum if I’m not mistaken is to foster all types or powdered food discussion. Not hinder one type or another. I wouldn’t even be on here if it wasn’t for the diy for sale on this forum.


While the OP is rather aggressive, I agree with the point. RL pays for server space and bandwidth. Rob got an industry going that wasnt there before. Now folks get to stand on their shoulders, get free advertisement and make their own money.

A lot of other forums require other vendors to pay the forum owner to be allowed to advertise. Seems like if they made a separate section and charged them, it would make more sense.


This is true. But given how this is a new industry and the growing pains Rosa Labs and the DIY community has been going through I say it’s a smart bet to keep these guys around.

Once Soylent is alive and kicking a friendly chat can be had by the water cooler, a heartfelt thanks for keeping the spirit alive is extended and then deals can be signed. To kick them out at this stage is too short-sighted.


You mean like Rob is standing on the shoulders of people who they won’t even deign to provide an ETA to when they get their product? :wink:


I’m not sure I could disagree with something more than what you’ve written.

Far too aggressive calling them “opportunistic parasites.” Secondly, most new businesses don’t operate in that archaic frame of mind where its ‘eat or be eaten.’ A great case in point, is Tesla opening up its patents to anyone who wants them and will further them or Google making the Android platform free.

Rosa Labs is the one that will eventually benefit from facilitating a forum of all parties that are interested in the future of ‘high-technology’ food. Soylent 2.0 will be better for it and the reputation of Soylent will be better for it.