Basic question about oat and rice flours/powders

I am new to this space. Have a basic question that may seem elementary to you guys, but would appreciate a considered response. Thanks in advance.

A significant component of powdered foods like Soylent is oat or rice flours/powders. The recommended mode of intake of the final product is just mixing with water and consumption.

Now,these flours are present in the final product in an uncooked, raw form. Shouldn’t they impact digestion and nutrient absorption?

Are they safe to be consumed raw, as provided in the final product? Or, are they sourced in a pre-heated, pre-cooked powder form (and hence digestion-friendly) for mixing into the final product?

Your thoughts please.

Please see below:


Hi, thanks for replying.

I have read that thread. What I am unable to understand is that whether oat flour, as used in the manufacture of Soylent, is in an uncooked, raw form or not. If it is in an uncooked form, then Soylent is deficient, for clearly it is preferable to have cooked flours. If it is in a cooked form, then is there any indication of that?

To my knowledge, no. I would assume that it’s not been heat-treated.

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Could you explain (or link to an explanation) why cooked flours are clearly preferable?

Ignore me — there’s plenty of explanation in the linked thread.