Basic Tips for Starting Soylent


My Soylent is on it’s way! I’m excited and have been reading this discussion board for months. But, I’ve also talked my friend into trying it and he’s relying on me to guide him through. I’m not sure I can accurately relay all the great advice that I’ve absorbed while reading the threads. So, I’d like to ask experienced drinkers what tips they would give us both, like chew gum, mix the night before, drink cold, etc. I realize there is some trial and error to fit personal preference but some basic tips would be helpful. Thanks!


General hints:
No gulping down, drink slowly, not like usual junk food, add salt for active lifestyle, drink more for active lifestyle, stay hydrated with water if necassary, keep Soylent cold, don’t let it stay for too long especially not warm in a sealed container (will explode).
Stomach movement is usual and will wear off. Drinking slowly will decrease it.
Preparation suggestions: a bit of water -> powder -> shake -> oil -> fill up -> shake -> cool over night! -> enjoy. (hint: for on the go drinking add icecubes into your sealed thermos)

Thermos suggestion 20 or 24oz one:


Additionally you mentioned chewing gum. Some say that helps. (I would just keep on going with my chewing as I do 1+ packages a day anyway) Other say that some Nuts are more convenient and are great to bring with you and great to prevent the empty stomach nothing to chew kind of issues.


Without being experienced soylent drinker: it’s fine to add more water if you feel it’s too thick. You can add anything you want to flavor it for your taste. Your still allowed to eat other things while on Soylent. You don’t have to eat the entire pouch if you don’t feel like it, drink til satisfied. You drink it as “3 meals” or slowly throughout the day as you please… But you might not feel full enough if you consume it a drop at a time.


I think it’s worth reiterating that you don’t have to consume any particular amount, nor do you have to consume ONLY Soylent. Many people have chosen to go that route, but personally I feel that’s probably a bit harsh of a thing to do to yourself, and your body may complain. My advice in another thread on how to get started, was to begin by replacing breakfast. I can’t tell you how amazing my mornings are when started with Soylent.

Drink however much you feel you need to, over maybe a half hour or so. I’d say most people are probably fine on somewhere between 12 and 16 ounces, but obviously individual mileage will vary. Then if you feel like it when you get hungry again, have some more Soylent or a normal lunch, whatever you prefer. Over time (and maybe not much time) you’ll probably have no trouble choosing to go to Soylent most of the time rather than other less-healthy convenience foods.

Oh and speaking of hunger, a number of us have noticed that the sensation of being hungry has changed with Soylent use. It’s a little hard to describe, but it’s more of a “time to fuel up” sensation, than an “I’m hungry” sensation. My body at this point seems to have adapted enough to where I now register that sensation as hunger again, but there was a period of maybe a week or two where I really wasn’t sure what that odd sensation was. I could see someone potentially not realizing they’re hungry and getting faint because they didn’t recognize that they needed some fuel.

I think that as long as you pay attention to your body and give it Soylent any time you want to, and conventional food any other time, you should have a great experience and probably feel a lot better too. Let us know how it goes!

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I would also suggest that everyone visit the following website (be honest!) to get an estimate of the number of calories your body requires for your lifestyle. Doing this can help you adjust your consumption to match your needs and should result in not getting too full or being too hungry. You can then adjust as you go.

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Thanks everyone for all the awesome advice and tips!


One other thing… stp mentioned to stay hydrated with water if necessary… I would change that to say you ABSOLUTELY have to be drinking water outside of Soylent. There is not enough water in the mix to keep you hydrated, and many people experience dehydration symptoms and think it’s because they are malnourished when really they just need more water!


Sodium is one thing to watch as well, especially if you sweat heavily. I have to add salt to my Soylent. I also occasionally add a tablespoon of canola oil to a glass of Soylent if I start craving meat/fat.

For me, I had bad gas for about 10 days, then it went away. Well, the bloat/gassiness went away, but the change in smell will still clear a room.

Sometimes, I’ll sip for 10 mins and other times I’ll gulp it down. Works fine either way for me.

And to second the previous statements, drink plenty of water and listen to your body.


So the canola oil helped with your meat cravings then? Awesome. I’ve been wondering.


Yup. I no longer start drooling when smelling a burger. Still feel like it’d be a nice to have though.