Batch taste issue. Am I mental?

I few months ago I received a batch of 1.5 (L5100 - 1.5 042015, exp 04/16) that was noticeably darker, both as a powder and mixed. I don’t know how to describe the taste (acrid?, mealy?) but it was pretty bad. Soylent sent a replacement and all was good, or so I thought.

I had another order to work through so I did. Recently a got into my last order (which may have been the one sent as a replacement) and noticed the same strange mealy/acrid/whatever taste. Checked the box and it was another batch of L5100 - 1.5 042015, exp 04/16.

Soylent send another replacement (I was back to my normal diet since I had no other Soylent). I checked the box before mixing and it was yet another L5100 - 1.5 042015, exp 04/16.

At this point I am getting suspicious about that batch and mix up a serving for my nephew (who I have gotten into Soylent) he said it tasted fine to him but I can detect enough of the off taste that it probably isn’t something I’d drink. I’d let him have it but I am a bit worried since I don’t know what the problem is and don’t know if it is ok.

At this point I’ve had two replacements from Soylent in the last few months and am feeling like a bit of a whiner (the latest batch is not nearly as bad as the other two, especially the first, but I probably can’t drink it). I am considering pushing my next order date up till the expiration of this batch to ensure I don’t have to deal with it or any return drama (from my end, support is always cool about it).

I searched the forum to see if others had the same observations about that batch as validation. One person had some issues with “clumpyness” but didn’t mention taste.

Am I freaking out over nothing? Does anybody else with that batch notice the same issue??


It’s been happening with other lots. See: Strange smell and taste from v1.5 lot 5246

Nobody knows exactly what is going on. At this point, I’m hopeful that 1.6 resolves this issue for good.

I believe, at least in part, that people are just getting extra sensitive to any kind of change. Simply because they eat so much of the same thing.

And there’s always going to be some variations in any grown food.


Soylent is grown now?

Sure, always has been. They have ingredients growing from plants and algae.


I was being facetious, but growing an ingredient is not the same as growing the finished product. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had the same issue with that exact same batch. I did some checking to see if that batch had been mentioned in other “bad taste” posts, but I did not, so glad to see that someone else agrees with me. I’d ask for a replacement if I were you.

I’ve been complaining about the huge variability from one batch to the next ever since they expanded to have multiple factories producing the powdered soylent. I sort of doubt that any of them are actively “bad” in the sense of being spoiled, but the taste, texture, and color certainly varies with every box I receive. Some variations I like, some I don’t. It seems to me that I tend to like the whiter versions, whereas the browner ones do not taste as good. It’s a huge problem and I can’t believe this hasn’t been resolved yet.

My experience as well: the more off-color the worse it tastes

I’m not so sure about it still being good even if it seems “off”. I had one batch that was so far down into brown territory that I couldn’t even swallow it. In that one, the powder had also progressed to “clumpy”.

But there seems to even be variation within the same batch. My theory is they are getting packed at different times of day when the humidity is at different levels, or something like that. Maybe they need to start using oxygen absorbers?

It has been pointed out that some components of Soylent are actually natural! This means that they are grown in slightly different environments or under nonuniform conditions. Just as sometimes it’s a better or worse year for wine, I suppose it can be a better or worse year for algae! That might account for some of the differences you have experienced.

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But the extent to which this occurs doesn’t match other commercial products. If I buy a bottle of Boost, I can be pretty damn sure that it will taste the same. The reason for this, I would assume, is a stronger quality assurance department.

So wine doesn’t have enough quality assurance? I think you have to take the nature of the product into account.

Sure, I can take a bunch of one a day vitamins and chop them up and you will get a very consistent product. But you won’t get Soylent. I have been consuming a lot of Soylent for a year and I’m more than satisfied. Of course, I can’t vouch for all the Soylent that you have received. I guess that if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got, you can either ask for your money back or just go buy Boost or something. I’m sure Rosa Labs is always trying to improve the quality of its products.

Wine is purposefully made to taste different; that’s the difference.

Looking at the ingredients, I can’t even begin to imagine what could be so different from batch to batch. Oats and rice proteins? I don’t know for you, but the oats and rice I buy pretty much taste the same every time. I find that a much more likely explanation is in the fabrication process, which probably doesn’t have that much oversight. Shipping batches where a simple taste test would have revealed that something was wrong, and still shipping them after reports of the bad taste, is both a sign of poor quality assurance and detrimental to their long term strategy, especially if new consumers stumble upon this as their first batch.

The fact that you never received a bad batch shouldn’t let you disparage the claims of others. Claiming a refund or a new shipment is still inconvenient for both us and Soylent, who is clearly losing money on this.

If some vinery is making an excellent wine, they don’t deliberately decide to make it worse next year. The weather makes that decision, among other factors.

Soylent 2.0 is fairly new, and I am sure they are still optimizing the process. It is easy to say “turn up the QA” as if that was an automatic cure-all, but I’m sure many factors are at work. One of the factors is that people’s tastes differ.

I forgot, you are talking about 1.5, the same version I have been “testing” for a year. The same reasoning applies.