BBB derrived soylent - feedback required


This is a BBB inspired soylent that I downsized considerably: BBB a la Ploo.

The original Brian’s Brain Booster, discussion of which can be found on Brian’s original thread.

My nutrient profile may seem incredibly low but I am a 5’8"/173cm male and barely weigh 116lbs/52.5kg. My current diet is incredibly poor with close to zero fruit and veg and more often than not as few as two meals a day. If I put my numbers into makesoylent’s nutrient calculator (using a target weight of 132lbs/60kg as opposed to my real weight) I get the following output:

  • 1911 cals
  • 240g carbohydrates
  • 120g protein
  • 55g fat

Here are some of my areas of concern. I appreciate any and all input to any of my queries.

  1. The nutrient profile calculator suggested 120g protein but this does seem somewhat extreme and I settled for 90g. Will this be sufficient? I can always adjust upwards but how will I be able to tell that I’m not ingesting enough protein?
  2. Is 20g fiber sufficient? Getting most of my fiber from the oats saves me having to supplement with other fibre based products and saves money.
  3. When the coconut milk in BBB turned out to only be 20% milk (and subsequently the cost/day went up five fold) I ditched it in favour of almond butter. I don’t recall how I stumbled upon it but I was intrigued by the concept and it’s nice and fatty so it seemed suitable. Am I doing something stupid here or is this okay?
  4. Currently my fat is made up of the almond butter, olive oil and cod liver oil. Is this an appropriate fat profile or should the ratios be adjusted? Are there any particular fats I am missing?
  5. From what I can tell the purpose of the cod liver oil is as a source of omega-3 although I’m not doing so well with my omega-6. Would it be a good idea to ditch the cod liver oil and find an appropriate omega-3+omega-6 supplement?
  6. This recipe has significant deficiencies in Vitamin K, Choline, Magnesium and Potassium. Are any of these of concern in the short term (4 weeks)? If I am happy with soylent as a replacement for my diet by that point I’ll be sure to further invest into meeting all of the target intakes.
  7. I’m currently using the same multivitamins Brian used in his recipe because I could not find anything that was more cost effective and featured as complete a range of vitamins and minerals. Is anyone aware of anything superior?


120g is definitely extreme, a sedentary person needs about 0.36g protein per Lb of weight. A weight lifter needs closer to 0.8g of protein per Lb of weight daily.

At 180Lbs (81kg), 90g would be more than sufficient for me.

Depending on the source, you might also hear that the average person should get 0.8g protein per kg and athletes needs 1.1 to 1.8g per kg per day. This seems to be equivalent to the above statement in Lbs.

Even if I were an athlete, at 180Lbs 90g would be more than sufficient for me so is probably more than you need.

It’s recommended you get appr. 38g fiber* per day as a male but 20g is probably fairly accurate for your weight.

The purpose of fish oil is for the omega-3 fatty acids and the EPA and DHA which are good for heart health. For a good lipid profile you want a high amount of unsaturated fats, low saturated fats, and a 1 to 1 ratio of omega-3’s to omega-6 fatty acids. You’ll have to do the addition yourself.

No I would keep the cod liver oil just adjust the fats to meet the above recommendations.

In the short term I would conjecture that most minerals are a concern, i.e. Magnesium, and Potassium. I would alter the recipe to be nutritionally complete.

I’ve heard of Centrum Women’s multivitamin as being one of the most nutritionally complete, you can ask @nwthomas about this.

*note, I previously said ‘protein’ here, I definitely meant ‘fiber’.


The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, actually. See here for details.


You could reduce some of the coconut milk and add some coconut flakes. That should give you more fibers. I am considering doing this. 120g of protein is not extreme at all, not when it comes to soylent. It might be if you ate a normal diet, but soylent is hardly a normal diet. I have paid close attention to my urine, if it starts to foam a lot I will cut down on the protein. But so far, it works. I guess that is why Rob recommends it as well.

Also, you should not ditch the Q10 enzyme. It is essential to you and it is also added to Robs recommendations

Last but not least, look into BulkPowders multivitamin product, it has, besides the usual vitamins and minerals, Probiotics, boron, q10 and more


Even with just 72g of protein a day I experience protenuria. I’m not sure it’s safe to cut it down to 47g as is listed as the normal serving size on my protein powder, but I’m going to experiment.


Well, I try to follow Rob’s 0.8 recipe pretty closely. Also I do cardio four times a week and weight training twice a week so I need the protein and creatine


Oh wow, yeah I literally sit constantly all day, since it’s a requirement for my job. I go for a bike ride at night each day but it’s definitely not a muscle-building activity. Rob’s recommendations I think are supposed to be a catch-all.

I’m really looking forward to them creating different recipes and establishing per pound of body weight nutrient recommendations, as this would clear up any confusion around the subject.


I sit on my ass from 8 to 16 every stressful day (programmer), so I have to do something to keep me fit (and get rid of the stress) so monday, tuesday, thursday and friday I do cardio workout (boxing fitness) and wednesday and saturday I weight train.


Haha, same here. Except my job is more boring than stressful. I dream of a stressful job every day, just so I could have some kind of challenge.

I feel like I’m living “Office Space”.

My bike rides are definitely to get rid of stress. I’ve put a lot of thought into getting a punching bag lol.


The nutrients you quote for Ultra Fine Scottish Oats do not match that which Bulk Powders claim. While I’m sure that the nutrients list on Bulk Powders is incomplete, the few items they do list do not match that which you have entered in your recipe.

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to determine the actual potassium content in these oats. At the moment I’m looking to supplement my potassium deficiency with potassium gluconate but that’s showing to be very expensive (at the moment 55p/day). At this point I spotted that you got half a gram (every little helps) or so of your potassium from the oat. I’m wondering what source you used for the complete nutritions data for the powdered oats in our recipes.


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