Be a Breakfast Pioneer with Coffiest


Hey Community,

Today we are proud to launch our latest product: Coffiest.




Have you guys considered mixing the drinks in boxes? If you assume a Coffiest is a replacement for breakfast, it could be really neat to see a pack/shipment/subscription that includes 1/5 Coffiest 4/5 Soylent in the box.

That being said, I have no idea how Soylent Bar plays into this equation (if at all).


Terrible name. Should help fund getting back to the original mission though.


Are the donated meals vegan?


Ditto on not liking the name. I like the product, seems like something some of my friends might like. Doesn’t appeal to my love for efficiency though. Cost is up there and it’s a whole new product instead of just a flavor packet.


Seems like a pretty neat idea. I probably won’t start drinking Coffiest personally because I usually fast in the morning and don’t much care for the taste of coffee. I prefer consuming caffeine and theanine in gum/mint/supplement form. But I can see the appeal this would have for many people.

Intrigued by the bar. The higher percentage of carbs relative to the drink gives me pause but I’ll definitely try it out when it launches. If it’s pleasant enough to consume I could see myself working it in as part of my diet on occasion. Might be good as a portable snack.


Sadly that would add a considerable cost on our end.


Wow, huge news, and totally unexpected!

Coffiest is an interesting concept (and I like the name), and I’m sure it will be just what some people want, but drinking a bottle of Soylent 2.0 and taking a caffeine pill or two would amount to the same thing. So, it seems like there is really limited usefulness there. It might come down to the taste of coffee as opposed to a flavourless caffeine pill, but personally I typically find cold, coffee-flavoured drinks (as opposed to actual ice coffee) gross. If you’re craving coffee itself as opposed to just caffeine, probably what you’re craving is an actual hot cup of coffee (or maybe an ice coffee) rather than a cold, coffee-flavoured, thick, oozy beverage.

Soylent Bar, on the other hand, sounds like a game-changer! Again and again we hear that Soylent slurpers like myself crave solid food, and in my case I often go for easy, unhealthy options like grilled cheese sandwiches. A Soylent Bar would be an amazing complement to Soylent 2.0. It would make it so much easier to go 100% Soylent, or at least to not feel that stocking the fridge and cupboards with non-Soylent solid food is a necessity.


I don’t even like coffee and I ordered a box to try. :astonished:


Don’t like coffee but plenty of others do.
I do like bars. The only question is how much? More or less than powder.




pulls out debit card
orders a case



Pretty awesome. IDK if I’ll have any straight away, though - no way anything replaces my lovingly-made morning coffee. Perhaps as a late afternoon boost, instead. hmm.
Very anxiously awaiting the bars.

I see myself, eventually, having a sub of something like: 3 boxes 2.0, 1 box Coffiest, 1 box bars per month. Pizza, burgers, and ice cream for all other meals.

[edit] The price will need to come down, first.


I doubt I’ll buy any, but at least the company is doing its bit to encourage a drug culture.


Here we go… :no_mouth:


I hope there’s always a neutral option. When should we expect Chocolatiest?


If we can find a good scifi name for chocolate then we will make one :stuck_out_tongue:

What will be next?

Can you speak more on coming up with the name? I don’t get the reference.


Generally we take names for new products from Scifi novels. Coffiest is a product in ‘The Space Merchants’ by Frederik Pohl.