Be a Breakfast Pioneer with Coffiest


pulls out debit card
orders a case



Pretty awesome. IDK if I’ll have any straight away, though - no way anything replaces my lovingly-made morning coffee. Perhaps as a late afternoon boost, instead. hmm.
Very anxiously awaiting the bars.

I see myself, eventually, having a sub of something like: 3 boxes 2.0, 1 box Coffiest, 1 box bars per month. Pizza, burgers, and ice cream for all other meals.

[edit] The price will need to come down, first.


I doubt I’ll buy any, but at least the company is doing its bit to encourage a drug culture.


Here we go… :no_mouth:


I hope there’s always a neutral option. When should we expect Chocolatiest?


If we can find a good scifi name for chocolate then we will make one :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you speak more on coming up with the name? I don’t get the reference.

Generally we take names for new products from Scifi novels. Coffiest is a product in ‘The Space Merchants’ by Frederik Pohl.


Interesting idea. I love iced coffee, coffee ice cream, etc. I’ve experimented with adding a bit of Nescafe Ice Java flavour syrup to Soylent, and I think it’s awesome. Looking forward to trying this out.

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I have less than zero interest in the product, but that ad is awesome. The previous ones were terrible so RL is getting better all around. Nice to see that “I don’t know” guy, too. Should use him more. It would be epic if he wrote a rant on Soylent.

glad they included theanine. Other than that… Honestly seems kinda lame :grimacing: I’ll save my excitement for the next product announcement


Does the world really need more people with caffeine dependency’s? its becoming a pretty serous crutch for people these days.


Capitalists gonna capitalize.

Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug. This is equivalent to saying bodybuilders are using steroids as a ‘crutch’. Whatever makes you feel better - they’re still stronger than you.

A tad bummed the bar is so high in carbs…
Plenty of other high carb snacks out there…

As for coffiest, while my solution doesn’t taste a bit like coffee, it’s much cheaper (a 200mg caffeine caplet ($0.12) + 1.6 ($1.54/400kcal))


Haha, just saw an ad for this and HAD to check it out. It was only a few weeks ago I was chugging Solent and cold brew coffee concentrate for a power packed breakfast blast. Nice!

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Does anyone else wish they would just lower the price and let us donate directly to charities?

The donation to the WFP has no effect on the price lol

Obviously it’s priced in to the product.

Gotta spend money to make money! Honestly it does sound like a great idea because the logistics of having a subscription for Soylent and then a subscription for Coffiest, and figuring out how much you need of each for each month and when each will arrive, not to mention the total cost of both may scare away a customer base.

I’m a prime example: I got in on the kickstarter and have had every version of Soylent except 1.4 (I actually still have a few bags of 1.5 to my immediate right which I’ve been meaning to sell, since my fridge is constantly stocked with 2.0 and I find 1.5 to be horrid after consuming 2.0 for months) and I’m a big advocate of it. I’ve been unemployed for the past 7 months and have subsisted mostly off of 2.0 since I was living by myself and getting $1200/month in the NYC area (rent was $1450), so it definitely helped me cut down on my food bills. I moved in with a friend, but still regularly consume Soylent 2.0 for the majority of my meals (still unemployed), but I usually start out my morning with a nice 16 Oz coffee, then about 1-3 hours later I drink a bottle of 2.0 since having one right after the other would be a lot of liquid in my stomach. Coffiest would be great for me since I could combine the two of them and not feel hungry while I’m waiting for the coffee to be absorbed. I was ready to buy a box right now, but just stopped myself due to lack of money and the big 5 Lb jar of Folgers coffee I have in the cabinet above my Kuerig. I’m running kinda low on 2.0 so I’ll have to get another shipment soon. It would be awesome if I could replace one of my 3 boxes of Soylent with Coffiest. But if you guys aren’t willing to do that, you just lost a beta tester, at least until I get a job (haha), once I do get a job I can definitely see myself starting out my morning with one of these.

Instead of creating an entirely different SKU for the combination of Soylent and Coffiest, why not just give the option to replace one of your boxes with it, after all they cost the same right?