Be a Breakfast Pioneer with Coffiest

Does Coffiest taste like coffee?

The description just says:

the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee in each bottle

I don’t like coffee but if it just has added caffeine then I might try some for breakfast.

(but if people ordering it expect it to taste like coffee and it doesn’t they might be disappointed)

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[quote=“casssax, post:56, topic:25946”]
Does Coffiest taste like coffee?
[/quote]According to the video

“Tastes like coffee”.

Though I agree, it would be nice to get caffeine without coffee. But we are in the minority.


each bottle of Coffiest offers Soylent 2.0’s comprehensive nutritional profile with the added benefits of a caffeinated beverage and rich coffee flavor

I missed this part on the blog post.


“…here’s what makes this campaign great in my estimation - each sample of Coffiest contains three milligrams of a simple alkaloid. Nothing harmful. But definitely habit-forming. After ten weeks the customer is hooked for life. It would cost him at least five thousand dollars for a cure, so it’s simpler for him to go right on drinking Coffiest - three cups with every meal and a pot beside his bed at night, just as it says on the jar.”

Tip. If you quote something, specify what you are quoting. Not everyone who reads your comment has memorized previous comments.


Mococoa is from The Truman Show.

Though it may not work for you as I don’t recall a novel, just the movie…


CVS sells 200mg caffeine caplets (60 pills) for about $7. I take one every morning. (I don’t like coffee)


Just FYI: Ode was quoting the book Space Merchants. (where the name “Coffiest” came from)

(Note: I only know that because of deepriverfish’s post above.)

If it stop’s I’ll make another. It’s my method to stop people from hunting the other coupons from events (we keep them all the same) and disrupting numbers.


In the future there are no tables.


REALLY want to try this, but HOLY CRAP that’s a ton of caffeine! 150mg is like, 4 12 oz sodas! That’s too much!


I hope a lower caffeine or other flavor becomes available. It sounds DELICIOUS!

Or around a standard cup of coffee. (95 to 200 mg, depending on coffee type)


Other flavors are in the works.


Soda isn’t as high caffeine as people tend to think. Coffee is higher, and compared to coffee the caffeine content in Coffiest isn’t too bad. In fact if they made it equivalent to a can of soda it’d lose a lot of appeal - I want coffee strength caffeine not soda.


Yeah, it’s just odd that they got the caffeine to l-theanine ratio backwards.

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Oh, good - I’ll be waiting for that change, then. Think I’ll give it a go for a month, see if it’s worth the extra $.

I’d call it “Smeggot’s Shambhala” :sunrise_over_mountains:

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The change has already been made.

It does a lot more than that. Many of its effects have no diminishing returns over time.

Your daily maximum limit is roughly 400mg. You can use more on rare occasions. Also using soda as an example is dubious - caffeine is not the reason you should limit your soda intake.

If they were selling this as a nootropic, you would be correct! Theanine aims to sedate thoughts and prevent repetitive motions (your body telling you to exercise). This is for the express purpose of breakfast, which demands a physical stimulant as well. The ratio being 1/2:1 (or rather, 1/4th the normal theanine for 150mg caffeine) will provide just that. Maybe the theanine could have been a little more, or a little less, but that will come down to you supplementing to your preference.

The name should have been Coffeast because it’s caffeine, coffee flavor and a meal all in one.
I can’t believe this name was not thought of and I also can’t believe Coffiest won out over it.

I’m dying here! What’s the reason?

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