Be Healthy to Lose weight, not the other way around

Dear Soylent Community,
I’ve received my 2nd ever one-time order of Soylent v1.5. Couple things:
1.) I’ve missed having complete nutrition at arm’s reach; even if I’m gonna have some solid food in a day, it’s nice to pull the Soylent pitcher out of the fridge so I don’t have to go hungry while cooking a meal.
2.) I’d e-mailed support, and the measuring scoop issue should be all taken care of soon (I got a pitcher w/ the start-up kit, but the single-serve scoop was noticeably missing, I presume on account of having recently been redesigned).
3.) In the changelog among the items I read, I saw “BMR” mentioned, which is great, because I’m already well aware of my BMR. To the point of my topic headline, EVEN IF Soylent is not necessarily approved for weight loss, I think it could totally help someone like me live more nutritiously at the very least. Anyone’s goal should be to try and live healthy in order to lose weight. I once believed I needed to lose weight to be healthy, but it’s the other way around!
Thanks for reading,
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