Be sure to specify your Stevia


If you don’t specify what Stevia extract you are using - cut vs uncut, people may not know what kind you are using.

I mean, I know that pure uncut stevia is much more potent than cut stevia, and only a newb would confuse the two but I want to make it clear!

Feedback on 1.7

Good idea. Cheaper and nutritionally better, while Coffiest is temporarily deficient. Except that I don’t like to be artificially speeded by caffeine, I would try this.


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People on these board obviously know what Stevia is - we are so high brow that when we say Stevia it means the pure extract.

So, when you say 1 Tbsp we logically know you mean cut stevia, so we need to correct you.


I had the same reaction. You can buy Stevia with a bulking agent that makes it the same volume as sugar, but generally when people talk about Stevia on this board they’re talking about pure Stevia extract. So it’s important to distinguish! (And why add a bulking agent to your Soylent when you don’t need to?)

@geneven, you could always try this recipe with decaf coffee. In fact it’s a good idea for decaf drinkers.


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It’s ok - you logically knew what Stevia I was using.

People that use pure extract know that a tablespoon would be much to sweet, and obviously too much.

Thank you Mr. Obvious.


This thread was needed? Passive-aggressiveness is so passé.


Apparently. People who use Stevia didn’t know to put in a tablespoon sugar equivalent.

Gotta specify what Stevia you use. While they know the amount to use, others may not and mistakenly put in a tablespoon of pure stevia extract.

I guess there is no hope for humanity… Or just Stevia users. :wink:


Different brands will cut their stevia by different amounts and with different cutting agents. By specifying which brand you use you are giving us useful information. Now we know how sweet you intended your recipe to be and how much of our favorite brand of stevia to use to get it there. Asking which stevia you are using is not unreasonable.


They’ll learn fast.:grin:

And know better next time, a few months down the line when they can taste again.

This is the best reason I’ve seen.


I use fentanyl.