Be warned; rats love Soylent

I don’t know if this has ever been discussed, or even thought of, but just in case anyone is stockpiling Soylent or whatever, rats love this stuff, and I can see wild rats going to a lot of trouble to get into the boxes.
I’ve got a pair of tame rats, and if I have a glass out, they’ll smell it and start begging for a treat. I’ve tried giving them a bit of the powder; they snarfed if right down and were asking for more.

Just so’s people are aware that this should probably be addressed in one’s personal storage solution or whatever.


Sounds about right. I recall the first packaging location having a… rat problem…

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Cats and dogs love it as well. I keep it in a blender bottle so my cat can’t get to it.

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And ants. Ants love this shit.

Did you feed it to your ant farm ants or witness ants outside carrying it off?

Is there any food that rats don’t love?

By human smell sense, or at least mine, 1.5 smells less than 1.4 and way less than 1.3 and previous. It would be interesting to know if animal sense is just more strong than humans or of it smells different things than humans.

As far as storage, assuming you haven’t gotten rid of your fridge, I think that would be a good place to keep it, as per a discussion here last week.

I don’t even open my box of 7 pouches until it comes time that I need one. Surely rats aren’t going crazy for Soylent in pouches which in turn is inside a cardboard box tape shut. Okay, I’ll quit calling you Shirley.

I left a little powder in my scoop, which sat not-completely-rinsed-out in my sink.

Next morning, I saw ants going apeshit!

Note that they bypassed the bottle of honey (with a bit of leakage on the lid). They bypassed the cracker crumbs on the floor (my kids left this). But they went bananas for Soylent!

If there were rats inside my home I’d have bigger concerns :grimacing: (I mean wild rats of course; nothing against people who keep domestic rats as pets) Actually, I think if my roommate saw a rat in our place she’d release all my snakes. She already told me that if she ever sees a cockroach she will release all my tarantulas because she’d rather have them roaming the house than cockroaches. I tend to agree.

As for ants…I haven’t got any anteaters to release in that situation. I’d suggest keeping all foodstuffs in airtight plastic bins if you have ants in your home, including boxes of Soylent(I don’t think ants can get through the Soylent bags, but I’m sure they’d invade the boxes anyway and be a nuisance)


I feel sorry for anyone who tries to burgle your house in the dark.