Been away, couple of thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve been active here, so I apologize if these suggestions are redundant of previous threads. I’ll make them quickly.

First, in the graduate seminar I was teaching the other night, a few students mentioned how they hate cooking, were starting to eat too much junk food, etc. My position would have made it inappropriate (not to say unethical) for me to suggest Soylent to them, but it was hard not to. One of the students is a Marine. This led me to think that there are two excellent target markets for Soylent to tap into: graduate students and military folks. These students had no idea that Soylent exists, and I am sure they would be receptive to at least giving it a try. I know from experience it would fit the lifestyle of a grad student perfectly, and from what I could gather from the Marine, there is often too much exhaustion at the end of the day to cook. I don’t know HOW to effectively target these populations, but they seem ripe.

Second, and this one is both unabashedly selfish, but also, I think, worth considering for RL. Milksplash is a product that was developed by the S&D Coffee and Tea company. It is a zero-calorie flavor additive designed for milk but that I have found to be absolutely perfect for Soylent. S&D stopped producing Milksplash some time ago (maybe a year), and I stocked up on it big time. I contacted them, and they have no interest in bringing it back to market. Given how perfect this product is for Soylent, and given as well that the Soylent customer based is nonplussed by things being made of chemicals and that sort of thing, and given, finally, how well suited this product is for accommodating the “paint your own palette on Soylent’s (supposedly) neutral canvas,” I propose that RL buy the rights to this product. S&D isn’t making it anymore, so I’m sure they’d be open to sell. They couldn’t find a market, RL has one. Just a thought.


Thanks for the alert that Milksplash is RIP. Have you tried Johnny Moo or Milk Magic?

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Johnny Moo is meh; Milk Magic is overpriced. Either way, Soylent could take ownership of Milksplash and tailor it to its products. They have a pre-existing market. I find the products not only compatible on taste, but in philosophy, too, in the sense of approaching a consumable without the feeling the need for it to be organic this-or-that, etc. Zero calories helps, too.

RF seems to be allergic to any increase in the number of unique SKUs in their inventory. (Stock Keeping Units, the unique sellable types they have to manufacture, find warehouse space for, provide a purchase interface for, pack and ship.) Rob R. said something to that effect in his reddit AMA, not considering a keto or vegan option because it would mean more SKUs. Probably the same reason they’ve been so slow to introduce a 2.0 sampler pack, the pack itself is another SKU.

For that reason, I would be gob-smacked if they did something like take on a whole new product line comprising multiple flavors. That would like double the number of SKUs.

Have you tried any of the sugar free flavor syrups from the likes of Torani? These are the same ones you see behind the espresso machine in coffee shops, a zillion flavor types.

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One of these days I’ll try Torani. I’ve tried other things designed to enhance the flavor of coffee, and they don’t work with Soylent for me. I have probably enough Milksplash to last another year or so (I got dispensers that are almost identical to the Torani ones), so there’s no rush, but I do feel the clock ticking.

Maybe someday they’ll get more comfortable with adding more SKUs. This would be an easy add; a much smaller ambition than a new Soylent line. I recall flavor packs being floated around; these would be along those lines, only there is no need to develop them, just need to buy out the formula.

Don’t scare me like that, Soylent is still vegan. Right? RIGHT?? :cold_sweat:

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Right. Sorry, I mis-typed.

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