Been gone since 1.0, what's new?


I just re-upped my subscription and got the new(?) v1.4 today! I’ve not had Soylent since v1.0. Anything I should be aware of, anything cool and exciting?

I stopped getting Soylent when I moved and neglected to update my address and renew my subscription. After taking a look at my food costs (mostly eating out for breakfast and lunch) and dietary habits I decided to get back on the Soylent train.


Ummmm… holy crap have you missed a lot. I wouldn’t even know where to begin… 1.1, 1.2, 1.3… all had varying degrees of drama. Surf the forum, you’ll see a whole lot.


Haha, poking around now. I was super excited to see the lack of oil blend bottles!

I have one more bag of 1.0, and its corresponding ampoule. I plan to mix them both up tomorrow and compare the two.


Not sure how valuable the comparison will be for you, as the differences between 1.0 and 1.4 go way, WAY beyond just how they look/taste/smell. All kinds of changes have been put in for gas, digestibility, satiation, texture, etc. If you really want to compare the two, I’d say go 24 hours on 1.0 only, then go 24 hours on 1.4. My guess is you’d notice some pretty striking differences at that point.


That is a good point. I’m excited to try v1.4 so I’ll probably put off that comparison until later next week.