Been mostly off of Soylent for a day and a half now

I bought a week’s worth of Soylent, and went damned near 100% right away. Felt great.

I set up a monthly subscription near the end of my first week, but my next batch hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve had to go mostly “normal” food for going on a couple of days.

I’ve been eating “good” food, if not “clean” food; Local artisinal places, and the like.

And you know what? I feel awful. Lethargic and mentally off-tack, compared to how I’ve felt for the last week.

I’ve enjoyed my time, bowing down to the savage tastebuds. But I can’t wait to get back on that sweet, battery goodness.

SO. Soylent. It’s good stuff.


I was on a business trip last week and decided to leave the Soylent at home. At the end of each day I was totally worn out and tired feeling. I’m sure this was partly because they were long busy days, but I suspect I would have felt better if I’d had Soylent.


When I miss Soylent for a day, my body definitely lets me know it isn’t happy with me.