Beer and Tobacco are Good For You?


Obviously, smoking and drinking is not healthy However, some compounds that are considered “healthy” to humans can be found in places such as



I’m living proof that beer and tobacco are good for you. Well, I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I have a cigar every weekend. Maybe more than 1 on long weekends. Every day on camping trips. With whiskey. When I don’t have a cigar, I drink beer.


The proof? What is not complete nutritionally in 1.5



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Her neuroscience PhD is centered around nicotine. She gave a TED talk but it had nothing to do with her degree. She was also in a movie. She was a straight up hippie with a star on her face.

I’ve seen some fiery debate over the issue, but I know that nicotine is an incredibly powerful cognitive booster. This makes me wonder if nicotine vaporizers aren’t so bad after all, but who knows how bad the juices are? Because it isn’t JUST nicotine in those concentrates…


I wonder about those vape things, too. I can’t imagine they can be incredibly healthy.


Last I read, which was admittedly not much and about a year ago, they are mainly “fog machine” juice.


Even when compared to workplace standards for involuntary exposures, and using several conservative (erring on the side of caution) assumptions, the exposures from using e-cigarettes fall well below the threshold for concern for compounds with known toxicity. That is, even ignoring the benefits of e-cigarette use and the fact that the exposure is actively chosen, and even comparing to the levels that are considered unacceptable to people who are not benefiting from the exposure and do not want it, the exposures would not generate concern or call for remedial action.

More info here. To be honest, I hadn’t really studied much in the way of “vapes” (for nicotine, anyway) so I just assumed the additives were poorly studied. I was completely wrong. Vaporizing appears to be way safer than smoking and possibly safe in general. Nicotine does alter the brain and have effects on LTP, but that’s still being studied.

Personally, the caffeine pills are enough for me as far as nootropics. If I’m going to vaporize anything, I don’t think it’ll be nicotine.


Cool, thanks for the info. I don’t think I’ll be taking it up anytime soon, but I am glad that it is better than smoking traditional cigarettes and hopefully have helped some people quit.


Sorry I just realized you weren’t exactly inquiring (heh… heh) about vapes.


Well, if I ever visit somewhere that pot is legal or if it is legalized near me, then I might try some sort of vaporizing thing for that rather than smoke it.


Yeah, nicotine is an interesting thing. It does seem to have some positive effect, but it’s dose-sensitive - too much is definitely toxic - and it’s also clearly habit-forming (addictive.)

Vaping does appear to be less unhealthy than smoking, because burning organic matters creates all sorts of organic compounds, tar, soot, etc.

Then again, a big ingredient in vaping is propylene glycol. It’s considered GRAS as a food additive because it’s only used in very small quantities, but if it’s used to deliver a drug (as in vaping), you’re looking at a very high delivery rate in a short period of time, potentially leading to toxicity. We haven’t had study of chronic use at these thresholds.

This is ironic, to me, because the propylene glycol is the preferred ingredient largely because it produces a sizable non-odorous smoke cloud. It’s the ideal ingredient to create the visual effect! So it’s there to simulate puffing smoke… to simulate the dangerous part of smoking an actual cigarette.


Wow… that is pretty ironic. The study I cited goes on to mention that PG isn’t known to be toxic in high levels, and that that’s the most concerning part - the lack of information. “Time will tell” isn’t the best way to go about this, but might as well make the best of it since people are gonna vape anyways.

@inquirerer To my knowledge, marijuana vaporizers use pure concentrates and no additives, so the study I cited isn’t really over the same thing. I think marijuana might be the safest kind of vaping just because of the lack of additives, but I can’t find any information on that. There could be leftover byproducts from the synthesis.


Thank you for the information. I might try an indigestible or something else; I will just have to decide when and if the opportunity ever presents itself.


I hope you can someday. I live in Kansas so… maybe in 100 years.


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I only read the abstract of the study you linked, but I agree:

It must be noted that the quality of much of the data that was available for these assessment was poor, and so much can be done to improve certainty in this risk assessment.

I suspect the principal problem with the extant research as far as the safety of glycerin and propylene glycol is that nearly all of it was based on oral consumption. They simply weren’t doing a lot of study of inhaled vapor; it was a non-issue, at the time.

It may also turn out to be perfectly safe, for all we know. I certainly believe it’s more safe than actual smoking, so it’s a great avenue for someone who wants to quit smoking but finds it hard to quit nicotine, and hard to quit the habit of taking “smoke breaks.”

#17 Adding a pretty comprehensive article on nicotine.

I highly recommend this guy’s essays. All very fascinating.


There are versions of nicotine e-juice that don’t use additional flavoring. Sadly, they aren’t too common.

Usually if people want a flavorless version they prepare their own, which takes a bit more upfront investment, caution, and work.


Even if you simply chew the tobacco, it still causes cancer.


Ironically, as an ex-smoker, I find the e-cigs way more annoying than actual cigs. For one thing, too many feel entitled to smoke e-cigs indoors. For another, I find a person that smells like cigarette smoke far less annoying than an e-smoker whose habit leaves me going home from my programming job smelling like I work at a candy factory.