Beer pipeline one step closer to Rob's dream of Soylent as a utility


Belgian brewery plans beer pipeline.

the pipeline, will move 6,000 liters of beer per hour

How long before Soylent is piped into your house?



Forget the Soylent - I’ll take the beer first, please.

considers moving to Belgium


Maybe I’m missing the point. A Soylent pipeline just wouldn’t be practical for a number of reasons. Here in Southern California we are frequently having 100ish year old water mains rupture spewing hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water. Imagine if that was Soylent. Sanitation would be a problem as well. With the beer pipeline there are only 2 easily controlled points where sanitation would be needed (provided there isn’t a rupture). Imagine millions of people using that pipeline. Some of which with shall we say less than adequate sanitation and cleaning practices on their end and factor in malfunctioning equipment.


It was pretty much just a joke. Rob had mentioned a dream of having
Soylent as a utility that flowed out of peoples taps like water.


I recall in one interview Rob saying “I’m working on kegging it”.


I would be THRILLED to have Soylent coming out of my tap. Or another thought would be to be able to buy it “by the keg” and hook it up to the refrigerator’s water dispenser. I’d be all OVER that.


I’m with you @smeggot, beer pipeline wins any day of the week.