Beginners DIY: help with improving!


Hey guys, i’ve been following the forums for a while and i recently got myself the Beginners DIY Soylent as a place to start. I’ve been taking it to work for a few days, but i’m still working on perfecting the taste/flavoring and to mix it etc etc. So far im really looking forward to this!

But I’ve heard a lot about how the Beginners DIY has some flaws to it, a major flaw being the cost per month. I’ve been researching different products to swap in to help lower the cost and make a more refined Soylent. However, I have a very minimal knowledge on nutrition.

So far my plans are replacing the Now Foods Carbo Gain with plain Maltodextrin, and the Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder with plain oat flour. I also take Natures Way Multivitamin (the 3 pill serving, iron included) instead of the liquid multi. The next product im looking to replace is the Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard with pure whey isolate (or a similar product that is less expensive). I’m also looking in to all the ingredients to see if there are cheaper alternatives or bulk options.

I would greatly appreciate some help! Questions/answers/comments please!

Link to the Beginners DIY recipe: