Beginning my Schmoylent Experience


I ordered a version (Jennifer fuel) of Schmoylent from @axcho and received it within a week and it arrived last Friday. I have been waiting until now to make it because I wasn’t sure how my body would react and I didn’t want to be “adjusting” at work over the weekend. With the next three days off, I should be able to more comfortably start consuming it.

I am pretty excited and I have three blender bottles filled with fresh Schmoylent in my refrigerator! Tomorrow is the day!

So I will use this thread as a place to document my feelings and experiences. :slight_smile:

Update 8/6/14:

First, as per request by @tordenskjold here is more info about me: I am a 21 year old, white, female. I am about 5’7" and around 240 lbs (I was shocked by this last doctor’s appointment). In the last couple of years my diet has become pretty terrible based on time, money, and really laziness. I prefer to socially eat and don’t care too much about cooking. Since I have two roommates ( one being my boyfriend) and they loath cooking, it tends to fall on me (which is okay most of the time). I’ve been getting fast food at least three times a week for dinners, usually after coming home from work between 6 and 10 on the weekends when I just do not want to cook.

As far as blood tests and general health, I unfortunately don’t have tests to compare before and after. I did have a physical in mid July and was deemed healthy (but it wasn’t very extensive). I do have some records from a more thourough physical I had almost a year ago in Berkeley when I was a potential bone marrow match. The only pertinent thing they found there was that my iron was low and my platelet count was super high, on the verge of having thrombcytosis (really, on the line at 453 count). And I know my iron was low from previously finishing my cycle.

In reference to my cycle, I am on the depo-provera shot now, which could explain some weight gain. I don’t know if my birth control is important information, but since I’m not having my cycles anymore, I shouldn’t have low iron levels and it could explain any extreme appetite I could have.

I have no food allergies that I’m aware of. Oh and I also don’t exercise regularly, which I know is something I should do and want to do more.

And for my experience with Schmoylent:
Yesterday I took out one of my previously prepared blender bottles full of soylent. There was a very substantial amount of it stuck to the bottom, but with vigerous shaking, it came loose. I added the oil, shook. And began drinking it. My first initial thoughts were the same as a lot of other people: oaty, batter-y (said that to my boyfriend and he was like "you should stop drinking that immediately if it tastes like batteries! Lol), with a small hint of vanilla. It is a bit chunky/chalky, but not too bad. All in all I was pretty impressed.

I worked on my 28oz bottle for the remainder of the afternoon (over 5 or 6 hours) and noticed that o would take a couple sips feel okay, but then still feel hungry. It was satisfying in a way, but not 100%. I was craving salt and meat, so I had a couple pieces of salami and continues drinking on. Still the same. No headaches that I’m aware of and no abnormal gas. For dinner that night I had ground beef and chilies with some corn tortillas and that was wonderful.

I definitely noticed that it must be cold! Just as others have been saying, it tastes soooo much better cold. Since its in a blender bottle I have to add ice over time… Definitely will need a thermos on the go.

Oh and half halfway at through, I tried some cinnamon, I imagining I would like it because I like cinnamon, but it was meh to me. I think I preferred it before. I would probably like it better if I used flavoring syrup instead of ground cinnamon.

And for today I have added a banana and two teaspoons of cocoa powder to the soylent. This version is good so far :slight_smile: I think I like it belnded better too… Will have to experiment more…

Update 8/7/14:

Yes, blending and adding cocoa powder and banana to Schmoylent makes it so much better for me! I can drink it faster and over a more normal meal time (still usually over an hour, which is much slower than I usually eat). So the last three days, I have replaced one meal with Schmoylent, but tomorrow I will be trying two meals, or two bottles worth, since I start work again.

I haven’t had any abnormal gas or bowel movements or much weirdness to report. Possible irritability, but I think that was caused more by obnoxious people than by the soylent. I do get pretty thirsty after drinking it, but I think I just need to drink more water. I’m terrible at drinking enough water. Hunger is still weird, but nothing intense… Like I said before, I’m satisfied on soylent, but its not the same as after a meal when I’m definitely full.

No cravings today or yesterday. Other than my Schmoylent, yesterday I ate a snack of salami and cheese again and pizza later at night. Today I went out to lunch and had a salad and a roast beef sandwich, then to a movie and ate some candy and soda, then soylent for dinner.

Interested in adding berries soon… I love smoothies! So we shall see…

Update 8/10/14:

Since Friday, I’ve been consuming two 28oz (well… more not all because I keep getting full sooner) bottles for breakfast and lunch at work and then having whatever for dinner. I feel good. Maybe more energy than usual? And on the TMI level… things do seem to be coming out a little different than usual, but in a good way :stuck_out_tongue:

So berries added are very good (though, seeds always suck)! I forgot oil yesterday for my two bottles… doesn’t seem to change taste, but i know the oil is important. I seem to be consuming about only 350 calories worth before getting full. I think I will start making smaller batches… I’ve also started using My Fitness Pal, which is something I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, but it’s actually interesting to see what I’m eating and what it equates to.

Update 8/15/14:

Nothing to really report since the last update. Though, I haven’t been drinking as much as I was last weekend and today I’m really tired. I’m not sure if its related, but maybe worth mentioning.

I’m also finiding it hard to keep track on my fitness pal since a lot of my food is from restaurants these past few days… so that’s not amounting to anything currently lol

I do find myself wanting soylent and kick myself for not preparing some :frowning: When I get home from work I’m definitely going to make three bottles! Now that I know ~350 calories is good, I can probably just take one bottle for breakfast and lunch at work. :slight_smile:

Will be ordering more from @axcho soon! :smiley: Going to try the new improved recipe with the rice protein too!

Oh! My boyfriend took a bottle to work with him to share with his coworkers. He’s always telling them about my Soylent/Schmoylent ventures, so they were curious. The consensus was that it didn’t taste good or bad (I had added my cocoa/banana mix for better results), but the texture sucked-- too thick for them. Ah well, can’t make everyone happy. I think it’s wonderful :smile:

Update 8/23/14:

The only thing I’ve noticed lately is that when I have poor meals, my body REALLY responds to them… badly. I’ll have my two meals of soylent for the majority of the week and then for dinner I get something to bring home for my boyfriend and roommate… which is usually fast food. Yeah, my body is way less forgiving now. It was bad before, but now… very gross. Not puking, but serious bathroom time in the mornings.

It’s also interesting to have some soylent, be satisfied, but get hungry a little later and really want bad food, but then I have soylent again and I’m fine. I think it’s the environment I’m used to. I work across the street from a coffee and chocolate shop and around the corner from a bakery… haha it’s tempting sometimes. I haven’t been having coffee either, though, so I’m not in the coffee shop as much anymore, maybe once a week with a friend.

I still mostly crave meat for my muggle meal of the day (steak tonight!)…

I’m going to change my recipe to a ketogenic, low calorie version (Gillian Fuel). We’ll see how that goes. I’m on my last bag of Jennifer Fuel, so I’ll be ordering more tonight or tomorrow. Yay!

Feel free to ask anything specific as I may have forgotten something!


:slight_smile: looking forward to hearing about how it goes. Perhaps tell a little about your health before and after? (Weight, height… Maybe even blood tests from the past or history of deficiencies or previous diet?) we are a curious bunch


Omg I wrote so much… Hahah updated the post with yesterday’s and the beginning of today’s experiences. I also added some more info about me. Any specific questions are welcome :slight_smile:


Another update for yesterday and today.


More updating! Nothing all that interesting though :stuck_out_tongue:


I find that letting the powder&water mix soak for about 20 minutes really improves the taste texture.

Keep us updated. Fun to read


This seems to be very common. I personally find 350 calories (1/6th of a day’s worth of Schmoylent or Ax Fuel) to be the most comfortable amount I can drink in one sitting, and I’ve heard similar amounts for other people.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, keep it up! :slight_smile:


I’ve been preparing three bottles at night and letting them sit. I drink them all within a three day period. I find blending it with a banana helps smooth it out too!

Thanks for reading!

Very interesting! Its awesome not having to eat a lot! Thanks for reading! I’ll be ordering again soon!

Update for today added :sunny:


Updated with some things I found interesting… and gross.


I’m curious if I can resist stopping and snagging a coffee every morning when the temp drops. I’m not entirely against it though. I had semi fast food last night (burger/fries from a small towns mom/pop diner) and this morning I barely made it to work… :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely am ready for meat when I get home too for my dinner meal. Not sure I could ever go 100%.


I never had coffee an extreme amount… usually one each work day and then on coffee dates with friends. So, I don’t think I have the addiction (though, I do feel like an addict when I take those first few sips, like aaaahhhhmyyyyygawwwd is this good!). I stopped because, alas, it also upsets my body too much. Now, I have cinnamon steamers or hot apple cider mixed with chai (AMAZING btw).

Haha yeah… I went to the fair this last Wednesday and obviously had awesome fair food, including one of those orders of curly fries that should be split between a huge group which my friend and I devoured lol And then I had Mexican that night. The next morning before work was not fun.


Want to add impressions of another People Fuel (Schmoylent) product, this seems a reasonable thread. I am still waiting on my order of official Soylent.

People Food Plus (PF+) includes cracked chia seeds, that are darker than the powder and plainly visible in the mixed blend. I considered advocating that these seeds take another pass through some sort of grinder, until I tasted the mix. It’s great as-is. The seeds are soft and a nice texture in the mouth. The seeds plus a base-texture I’d compare to well-cooked “Cream of Wheat” encourages me to do a bit of chewing which mixes everything with more saliva than a pure liquid, and that surely aids digestion and nutrient uptake.

As others have reported, the taste is evocative of a very light buttermilk pancake batter.

On day one, I mixed PF+ for overnight chilling and made my dinner the old way. But once mixed, you just know I had to taste it. The first thing I noticed was that one really should read the one-page large-font directions. It’s not complex but do RTFM, old sports.

Failing to meet those minimal standards, I found un-mixed lumps in the jug and in my glass and in my mouth. In jug and glass, a butter knife quickly broke up the soft lumps. In mouth… it actually wasn’t bad at all. A bit dry yes, but saliva quickly handled most of it and a sip of water took care of it it completely.

There’s a light hint of cinnamon. It is less than what you find in a Euro-style Hefeweizen (though I prefer West-Coast style). Boosting this spice should bring a good outcome. I’m planning to also test fruits like bananas, strawberries, mango & cherries.

I tried and loved adding Crackled Dark Chocolate, more on that below.

16oz Chilled People Food Plus for breakfast on Day One, was very satisfying and a pleasant companion to morning coffee (medium-strong French Roast). I went off for a day’s errands and by lunch time found myself specifically craving another PF+. Sadly I had not planned that well, so I had my normal fast/junk food protein pills: 2 McDonalds Dollar-Menu McChickens; plain. I found that just one fully satisfied me that day.

Dinner was 16 oz of chilled PF+ and some popcorn later with a movie.

I tried flavoring this meal with Crackled Dark Chocolate and that was quite nice. It does not impart flavor to PF+ until you chew it. However the presence of something in the mix that you must chew pushes the base flavor way into the background, and is the dominate flavor while you chew.

To make crackled chocolate:
Microwave a dark-chocolate bar till semi-soft, then flatten very very thin w/rolling pin, or pint beer glass. Chill till crisp, then crumble to average size about that of a grain of rice. Flattening between sheets of food wrap recommended. Crumbling inside a zip-lock bag also a good thing; but both are optional. Add to Soylent/Schmoylent/PF+. Also try stirred into vanilla ice cream.

No mustard gas, day 1. There was a minor change to what I normally pass, but I’d want more experience to properly report on this.

After my first real PF+ meal I noticed moments of simply feeling “Really Good.” I must report that this feeling came in the middle of a beautiful but not too hot, sun-filled late summer day, so either or both are likely causes. More reports to come.


It’s been quiet on this thread, but I thought I’d add my two bits about schmoylent. I am still waiting for my original (June!) order of Soylent and couldn’t wait. So, a month+ and three orders to axcho, I’m a big fan.

Some impressions of how to do it right:

  1. Start slowly. Substitute one meal a day for a while, then replace more. I’m staying with a typical meal with the kids at dinner. Lunch went first because it was the one that was a work meal that was badly planned and therefore counterproductive nutritiously. So, I got an upgrade in quality and used my time for other things.
  2. Mix the powder the night before. My last bit of routine now includes mixing my schmoylent when I close up at night. The mix just after shaking is “gritty”, but a night in the fridge yields a softer liquid that is a smoothy (as I mix it).
  3. Drink water. This was one big thing for me – using schmoylent feels like I’m getting my water, but I used to get a lot of water from the regular food I’m no longer eating. No headaches, but lethargic at times. After drinking water every time I sipped schmoylent through the day has been noticably better.
  4. Blend the schmoylent with whatever fruit you have around. Not much is needed to provide some taste and food diversity. Banana is my favorite. Blueberries next. Blending seems like that extra work that was one of the things we were trying to get away from. But, I’ve gotten good at it and it’s quick and worth it.
  5. Order ahead. I’m hooked and dallied, but when it ran out, I hurriedly emailed axcho to get more. He helped but I don’t think we can’t count on this in the future.

Some impressions of the experiment

  1. Great. Less time hunting for and preparing food. I am busy and this fix is just as advertised.
  2. Great. More consistent energy and a marked decline in binge eating. Most notable is the fall off in my desire to eat chocolate and sweets. In general, the theory of schmoylent/soylent is that one’s body won’t go through typical peaks and valleys appears to be right. As I serve dessert for the kids, I don’t pine for my share. This is a small miracle.
  3. Great: Choice. I ate lunch today because it was leftovers from my homemade pizzas. I love them and dove in. I’m not on a rigorous and restraining diet. I’m just eating well. Schmoylent is just another choice for me and one that is often a great choice.
  4. Great: GI. I’ve had no explosive/room-clearing gas. Moreover, my GI system seems to be happier now that it was before. Rather than viewed as a possible deal breaker, I’d say the upside of the GI changes are a plus.


  1. Food diversity. I’m still not convinced that any one food is best. The jury is out still and the “experts” are constantly adjusting what we know about the human body.
  2. Quality control. Axcho has been as responsive as anyone in my list of things I buy online. Each time of the three deliveries I got exactly the same in terms of quality. But, as this niche industry matures I’d hope for some more oversight. Not from Axcho in particular, but more generally. Watching RL foods negotiate changes in their formula, it strikes me that I’d like an objective third party test once in a while. It’ll be good for the industry; avoiding the unscrupulous and mistakes that seem to show up in bad meat once in a while. When that does happen, it’ll hurt all the good producers out there.

There you go. Thumbs up. Thanks Axcho.



Thanks for sharing your experience, @JerryRaceCarDriver, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Schmoylent so much! :slight_smile: I can second the “add fruit” recommendation - I really mixing it with berries, myself.

Food diversity is my biggest concern as well, even more so since I have food allergies, so I’m susceptible to developing allergies to a food if I eat too much of it over a long period of time. In fact, I suspect I may have become allergic to dairy again since introducing whey protein isolate into my diet… :frowning:

Quality control, as well as regulations that are tailored to this new industry, would be a great thing, especially if these are done in a way that makes it feasible for small-scale producers to operate legally. Right now, laws around food production in the US really favor large, industrial operations and it’s very hard to be small and legal, whether as a farmer or a manufacturer. The result is, as I have discovered, that many food businesses start out operating semi-legally until they can get big enough to go legit. Obviously, that’s not a great situation for anyone except the big, established players.


After eating Official Soylent for five weeks, and loving it, I ordered a week of Vanilla Schmoylent to help bridge a Soylent shipping delay. Unfortunately I found it very unpalatable and wound up dumping half of the first pitcher down the drain.

I’m not saying Schmoylent is bad, I know it’s a matter of taste, as there are plenty of people who dislike Official Soylent as much as I dislike Schmoylent. What I am saying is that if you’ve tried one and didn’t like it, give the other a try. They’re very different in taste and texture, though probably qiute similar in nutrients.



Why not explore substituting some oat flour with corn flour or some more rice flour (whichever of these suits the formula well) to bring down the manganese in schmoylent? Or choose a mulit-vitamin capsule with lower manganese.

You have switched out maltodextrin with rice flour, so i take it you are open to changing its formula for the betterment of humanity :smile:


@Tark, I have tried both, and unfortunately both options taste a lot worse, and more gritty. At this point I consider it a tradeoff that is worthwhile, given that the manganese levels are still below the recommended daily maximum.


You mean both corn and more rice flour or both changing the flours and a multi with lesser manganese? You could also buy vitamins and minerals individually and add them. That way you can avoid the manganese and the super duper high levels of vitamin B12/molybdenum too. More people will buy it if these issues are addressed.


All of the above. I have already changed the multivitamin used in Schmoylent to one that has less manganese, as well as reducing the amount of oat flour. The latest version is here:

It has 9.5mg of manganese, versus the old recipe at 10mg per day.

The thing is, I have recipes that are exactly as you describe. They are not “Schmoylent” because they taste very different and use different ingredients than Soylent. I wish more people would buy those, but way more people buy Schmoylent. That’s how it works. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you link me to those recipes, the second kind?