Behold the glory


Just saw this in one of Soylent’s replies. 10x is a very sexy number and hopefully means we can stop worrying about priority queues and we can just get swift order shipment.


Maybe I’ll be able to actually try the real thing at some point!


Aw, damn, I was hoping this thread was soylent-poop related. :cry:


Lol, I thought the same.

I am glad to see that the people behind Soylent are heading in this direction. That’s exactly what we have all been asking for and happy to see it happening.


It’s about time. But now I’m expecting something like this:

PLEASE NOTE: the process of moving to a new distribution method means we will be halting Soylent shipments for the next 6-8 months. Thank you for your patience.


lol, is it sad that I laughed out loud at this?


I’m not surprised at this - seemed a matter of “when” as opposed to “if”. It’s great news, regardless. A big step forward for them, really. This should be the real start of “Soylent for the masses.”

I really, really, really hope this also means that International orders / shipping is just around the corner. Re-shippers do work, but it definitely adds cost & time.