Being super hungry by 2:00pm after eating soylent 1.5 for breakfast and lunch?

Does anyone else have the problem that if they are eating Soylent (1.5) for breakfast and lunch, by 2:00pm, they are starving and could eat a house? I’ve been eating soylent for almost a week now, and everyday I am craving some type of “solid” food by the mid afternoon and today I was so hungry that I went to the local Chinese restaurant and scarfed down two entrees. Am I the only one this happens to or what? If so, what do you do to combat it? Does it eventually go away?
Note: I am full when I first eat(at 8:00am and at 12-1pm).

How many calories were you consuming pre-Soylent? How many calories of Soylent 1.5 per meal do you eat?

I can easily go out and eat 1,000 - 1,500 calories at a restaurant. Typical chicken teriyaki with a soft drink - that sort of thing. When I do that for a while and then drop my calories way down it takes a while to adapt to it.

I can’t tell you an exact number but it had to be in the thousands. Seriously. Back in fall of last year, I was eating probably 5 thousand a day due to only drinking soda and eating complete garbage. Since then we’ve been healthier but still a lot of carbs all day (I crave them constantly for some reason?). Now I am drinking one serving of soylent per meal (at 500 calories/serving) and then a regular dinner (like fish and a vegetable).

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One serving of 1.5 is 500 calories, so you’re probably hungry because you’re at a significant calorie deficit. If you’re losing weight I wouldn’t worry about being at a significant deficit if you’re still above 1000 a day.


What do I do about the fact that I’m ravenous and hangry by 2pm though? Is it normal to be like that for awhile? What should I do for the time being so that I don’t go out and eat platefuls of Chinese food everyday? Will my body get used to this after awhile?
ETA: Is the calorie deficit why I constantly crave carbs?

You should figure out how many calories you actually need for a day. Depending on age, size, and level of activity, you likely need much more than 1000 calories of Soylent plus a chunk of fish and a vegetable. If you’re running a deficit, your body is going to be understandably unhappy and ask you to input more food. Carbs are the first source of energy your body will use, so I think it makes sense that you’re craving them.


Well going from high calories to low calories is going to leave some hunger pains for a while. And some aren’t as satisfied by Soylent as they are solid food. It’s hard to guess which is affecting you more - the reduction in calories or the change to Soylent. Maybe both.

What to do about it? Eat more is an obvious way to solve the hunger. Larger portion sizes or have a second lunch. Assuming your goal is to lose weight - which seems likely given the reduction in calories - it’s better to eat an extra 500 calories of Soylent than to go out and eat 1000+ fast food? Other things that various people have found helps - adding extra fiber to Soylent. Psyllium husk powder is cheap and mixes well with the powder before you add water. Adding protein. Find some protein powder you like and add a bit - again mixes well with the powder 1.5. Eating snacks between meals. Something like beef jerky is high in protein and not too many calories.

I know the temptation with dieting is to lose as much as fast as you can but it may be better to gradually drop the calories over time. For me, I do get used to less over time when I’m on a diet.

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What I do is eat more calories at the start of the day. Right now I’m having a whole Blender Bottle full of Soylent at around 5 a.m. Then at around noon I’m having another Blender Bottle full of Soylent. At around 6 I’ll have the Soylent that is left. That works for me for a day. Rather than being hungry, I’m quite full.


I’m mixing my 1.5 full bag, 1600ml of water with 2 scoops of Pure Protein chocolate flavored whey powder and 3 tsp of psyllium powder. Chilled it over night in the fridge and bring to work

I have a red solo cup full at 8am, 12noon, 3pm and bring the remainder home with me at 5. Either I sip it on the way home or have it later. Some nights will have meal at home and other days it’s 100% soylent. I’m finding that a solo cup worth being 1/4 of a batch, about 600 calories gets me about four hours before I get slight hunger pangs. Keep it at 4 on the money and I cruise through the day without wanting treat my show.

I’ve gone from a diet of takeout breakfast lunch and some times dinner with God knows how many calories to 2400 of Soylent/whey powder. I feel better thought out the day and in the long term hope to lose weight by eating far cleaner than I’ve done in years.


How many calories per day is that? Like 1500? 2000?

Soylent is like regular food, in that there’s no single “serving” size that will constitute a “meal” for everyone on earth. If you’re bigger and/or more active than average, you’ll need more calories to avoid hunger, and 2000 a day (or 1000 of Soylent before dinner) might not be enough for you.

Just to give you a reference anecdote, I’m about 6’ and 165 lbs (1.8m, 75kg), and I guess low to moderately active. On 100% Soylent days, I tend to have about 500 calories around 8 or 9am, another 500 before 12, another 500 around 2pm, and the last 500 by around 5 or 6pm. And I’ll fairly often have some toast later in the evening, which is probably about another 400-500 calories. I find that avoids hunger for me, but of course, that’s just me.

You might try playing about with the DIY Soylent nutrient calculator. Like anything, it’ll only give you an estimate of what you might need to eat, but it’ll give you a ball-park idea.

Hungry? Eat more! Not hungry any more? Stop eating!


I think I got it! So if I’m hungry, I should stop eating and hope I won’t be hungry anymore, right?


Nailed it.

(To the goddamned 20-character-long wall.)

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Are you at a desk job? As you get hungry (before ravenous), sip soylent. No more than an fluid ounce at a time, and wait 5 minutes in between sips. Or longer if you’re not hungry. 2pm will pass without feeling ravenous, and if you’re working, redirection is likely.

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  1. Drink your Soylent meal slowly, take as much time as you would to eat a solid food meal (at a normal speed, not at a scarfing speed). You were consuming so many more calories than you needed before that your body now fears that your food source is running dry, so it will try to stockpile calories to keep you from starving. Eating slowly will also keep your blood sugar stable–low blood sugar makes you hungry. Add two snack portions of Soylent to your day to assure your body that you still have steady access to food. after two weeks, start to slowly reduce the size of each snack Soylent until your body trusts that three meals a day is enough.

  2. Your mind may be having the major role in your need to consume 5,000 calories a day (unless you are a big super-athlete who burns that much every day). This isn’t a psych board, so you’ll have to go elsewhere to figure out what the “pay-off” is for you to eat double meals–it’s not about physically needing all that food.

  3. If you do allow yourself to run to a restaurant an hour after eating Soylent, AVOID Chinese food! It is far too easy to eat. Get food that you have to work at to eat, that’ll at least slow you down. When you “scarfed down two entrees”, you didn’t give the “I’m full” signal your stomach sends out enough time to get to your brain. I suspect that something in your mind is deliberately over-riding that signal anyway, but give it a chance.

  4. DO NOT drink while you eat that solid food, especially soda. Your stomach normally only stretches to a four cup (32 oz) capacity during a meal, but liquid and air (the carbonation in soda) can make it temporarily stretch even more and then quickly exit, allowing you extra room to stuff down more food that you don’t need. And, liquid will also, well, liquify food, pushing it out of your stomach faster than it should move, which allows you to cram in even MORE food that you don’t need. Scarfing down your food also makes you swallow a lot of air–yet another reason to eat slowly.

  5. All that sugar in your soda also plays hell with your blood sugar, shooting it up and then getting burned off fast so that your level drops like a rock, drains your brain energy, and leaves you feeling as if you are starving. You ought to consider getting your doctor to check your blood sugar level, it’s just a finger-stick test.

  6. By the way, exercise produces adrenaline, which makes your blood sugar level rise enough to squelch your appetite. Adrenaline can also directly block your appetite which is why people often forget about eating when they are physically or mentally psyched up.

Hope that helps. Good luck.