Best blood tests and where to get it done cheap?


I have been trying to figure out what tests to get done and where I can get it done cheaply. I found this online and it looks good. Does this miss anything? Can I get it done any cheaper?


Unless I missed it somewhere in there you are missing the Auto Differential and the Magnesium blood tests. While the AD may not be important, the Magnesium one probably is.


Stuff is free in Ireland if done by a doctor, regardless of if you are on a medical card or privately insured. And I don’t mean repaid by the insurance or claimed back from taxes, I mean free.

You only pay for the courier if you have your blood taken by your GP locally instead of at the hospital where the blood is tested.

I imagine it would be similar for the UK as well.


I think the Auto differential is in there, but it does lack the magnesium test


In the USA elective things like this are usually paid out of pocket. If you can convince your doctor to proscribe it then sometimes your insurance will pay, but it is a bit of a crap shoot.


Same for Australia… if its not testing for an illness, then you pay for it out of your own pocket. =[


If you’re in the US, you might dry one of those blood banks. They will take more than just a couple of vials, but they test your blood anyways. You may be able to ask them if they would share the results with you. Also you may make some money doing it too.

That brings up another question. Has anyone donated blood while on Soylent? I will probably start another thread so as to not high jack this one.


Same for greece…I will approach a doctor telling him the truth and maybe he’ll help me not to pay for the tests.

…but if that fails I’m thinking of a plan B, I could fake a few symptoms to lure a doctor into prescribing me all these tests, but my medical knowledge is not as good, and it would take too many hours browsing wiki to find the perfect combination…any ideas? :slight_smile:

(sorry for hijacking :stuck_out_tongue: )


There was a post on here somewhere else that was talking about Vitamin A and beta carotene. They said that the only side effect from going above the UL was that your skin would start to turn orange.
You may want to double verify that.

In theory if you showed up to your doctors office and you were orange, you could probably get some blood work prescribed.


Actually, v similar in the UK… its free, but not easy to get them to test unless there is a suspected condition (as it uses up the NHS resources). It seems to be relatively easy to get vitamin D tested, blood lipids, and basic thyroid (TSH, T4). The rest not so much.

If you are in the US and getting a LOT of blood tests done regularly, it might be worth joining the life extension foundation, as they offer quite cheap tests for members (and discounts on their supps which are generally v high quality, though expensive) -

Wouldn’t work out cost effective unless you got a load done tho :). There are probably other cheap options in the US, as everything is cheaper there (grr) :wink:


if your in the us, come to canada? :stuck_out_tongue: It is all free and easy enough to get from a family doctor.


nice one :stuck_out_tongue:
but the problem is the diagnosis would be instantly focused on vitA since no other related overdose-underdose of nutrients does that, and the doc wouldn’t be eager to prescribe everything I want.

I asked around a bit, even if a doctor prescribes something, it still has to be accepted by the insurance, as they check for consistency between symptoms and prescriptions. Especially if the prescribed tests are expensive, Greek health system is pretty bad due to economy etc.

I will need symptoms that will appear too general and too risky not to investigate thoroughly and widely…hmmmm