Best bottle for traveling?

Hi, recently took Soylent on an airplane trip. 1.4 is fantastic for travel. As others have done, I asked for a cup of ice from a vender and mixed a great bottle of Soylent in the bathroom. I’ve been using a Klean Kanteen sealed metal bottle, which I love, but the lid’s diameter is too small to pour a scoop of Soylent into without making a mess.

What do you guys recommend for Soylent on-the-go? I have no desire for blender balls, just something that is airtight (I can shake without spilling) and has a wide mouth/lid. Thanks!

Gain a desire for blender balls as the blender bottle offers everything you want and is easiest to use on the go.


Hmm…I guess I could just remove the metal ball, couldn’t I? Do you like a particular brand?

Ha…looks like “Blender Bottle” is the brand. I was speaking more generically. Is Blender Bottle what you like for mixing and traveling?

Honestly, I’m not sure why you’d want to remove the blender ball at all. Is there a downside to having things mix together a little better? Or mix together quicker? It weighs almost nothing and takes up very little volume, if you’re worried about either of those things.

I use Blender Bottles. I haven’t traveled with them yet, but I do use them to take my DIY soylent to work.

I could leave the ball in…I’ve just had no problem mixing my Soylent by just shaking it. Plus when I travel I’ll have ice cubes that will do the work. I figured it would be slightly easier to clean and I wouldn’t have to potentially hear the ball rattle around in the container when it’s empty.

Blender Bottle does make quality bottles. Wide mouth opening, easy to clean, secure leak-proof parts. Of course the ball is optional if you’re happy with the mixing without it.

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I carry a blender bottle with Soylent in it where ever I go. I just ordered 2 32oz bottles so I don’t have to carry 2 20oz bottles with me

Well, that’s a point – the rattling is especially bad when I’m carrying bottle back from cleaning it in the breakroom. But since I don’t add ice cubes to help the mixing, it’s handy to have something in there if I need to remix it after several hours.

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Take an 8x10 piece of paper and create a funnel. Put it in the bottle opening and easy to add Soylent water ice cap and shake.

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I second (third? fourth?) trying a blender bottle. The mouth is wide enough for a half-cup measure, and they seal tight enough that I can put a couple on the floor of my car without worrying about them rolling around and spilling. I took one on a road trip once, though, and when it was empty in my backpack the ball would rattle around with every step I took. The ice sounds like a cool workaround, or I guess you could just take the ball out when it’s empty.


Lee I tried that, but it was a cumbersome process. I’ll try the blender bottle sans the ball. I’ve had no clumping issues with shaking-to-mix 1.4. The ice cubes were more to keep it cool than a mixing aid. Thanks, guys!

I like the Sun’s Tea 18-oz. glass double-wall travel mug (don’t know why they call it a “mug” instead of a bottle, though). I also bought a Sun’s Tea single-wall 21-oz. bottle that came with a blending spring, but they’ve stopped offering it in the past couple months (and Amazon, where you can also buy their stuff, no longer carries it either).

Shakes great, carries great, sits in a cup holder, but you wouldn’t want to carry it full in a backpack, because the drinking spout is just closed with a silicone flip lid. Would be absolutely fine to mix your Soylent serving in the airport.

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Backpack-friendly is critical for me. On that note, would I be safe tossing the Blender Bottle in a backpack and not have to worry about leaks? That’s what was nice about my Klean Kanteen.

I’d say you’d be totally fine, as long as you clean them every day or so. If I get lazy and don’t clean the bottle for a few days, soylent can build up in the edges of the lid and leak out when I screw it back on. Gross. Like I said, I carry blender bottles around in backpacks and in my car all the time without issue.

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SpiderBottle gets my vote.

I use a blender bottle, its great!

The cap over the drinking spout makes a nice solid Click when it’s closed properly. So far I haven’t had any issue with the bottles leaking.

My biggest problem isn’t leaking, it’s the reverse. It takes all the strength in my fingers to open the thing so it will leak into my mouth.



Best way to open a Blender Bottle is to wrap both hands around the sides and push the lid up with your two thumbs in front.