Best bottle for traveling?


My backpack has a hide-away water bottle carrier built-in, at a perfect angle, complete with elastic draw-cord, so it won’t fall out. I normally use it for my bear spray, as I use a water bladder, but it also holds my SpiderBottle nice and snug, as well. The thing I don’t like about BlenderBottles is the rattly ball. SpiderBottles and Cyclone Cups have a different design to fix that issue - people should take a look at them, for their consideration.

Gregory Baltoro 75


On the upside, concerning the rattly ball…aren’t you supposed to make noise to alert wildlife to your presence? :grin:


Only if you’re a scaredy-cat. :wink: Honestly, I’d rather not scare them away. I want to see the wildlife, snap some nice pics. Besides, a blender ball isn’t going to scare a hungry bear or mountain lion away. Just birds, rabbits, and deer. Man-eating grizzlies have hiking bells in their poop, ya know! lol
I see mountain lions and bear often enough on/near my property, and camp/backpack in grizzly country all alone. The only critters that bother me are mule deer. Buggers like to poke around my tent at night, always wake me up.

If you wanna make noise while hiking, try Soylent Farts™.


I ended up going with the Blender Bottle, mainly because of it’s solid reputation and a cool white-on-white color I found on their website. That said, people should look into the Spider Bottle and Jaxx Bottle. Both are good blender bottle alternatives. Heard some mixed reviews of the Cyclone, like it leaks and the lid is hard to clean.

For Soylent I really see no need for the blender ball or the spring in the Spider Ball. Like I said, i’ve had no problems just shaking it, so why have something extra to cleanup or make noise? On that note, I’ve heard the Spider Bottle does make noise, but significantly less than the Blender Bottle.


That’s a great backpack.


After rinsing washing blender bottle, use a couple paper towels to dry off then stuff into the bottle. Helps to soak up the water droplets and keeps the ball from rattling. I do this every time before throwing into backpack or luggage.

Rather than using the scoop, I also pre-portion single servings into small Ziploc bags for use when traveling. Still have 1.0, so 148g of Soylent and 4g of psyllium husk. Throw the single serve bags into a gallon bag with an empty Soylent pouch for the curious TSA folks and have had no problems.


cool tips. I was thinking of doing a similar method as the ziploc bags, using the blenderbottle GoStak. how do you measure the right amount of water? I figure with the GoStak I could measure the water with the container after I pour out the Soylent. Or just bring the Soylent bag and the scoop…I’ll think about it. But yeah, TSA was no hassle when I travelled, too.


I don’t actually bother to measure. The recommended 2 liter pitcher equals ~68 oz. I use the 28 oz (when filled to the rim) blender bottles. I only fill to the outside lip (below the screw top threads) which I’m guessing is ~24 oz. Gives me an extra oz or two of water per serving, but I find that helps when adding anything else like psyllium husk or cocoa. Makes it mix better, and to be honest, I prefer it just slightly less thick.


kgme, sorry my math sucks…you fill the blender bottle to the rim with water, but how many scoops (servings?) of Soylent do you put in first?


These are great one use cups. Lid is sort of airtight, just add water then soylent and shake. The dome lid or flat lid work well.

A Perfect Single Meal Soylent Container