Best chewing gum?

I would like to get feedback about chewing gum from people who have been eating mostly soylent. How many hours of chewing is enough to achieve the right amount of tooth and jaw stimulation? And I can’t help but imagine that chewing chewing gum for so long might not work for all brands… is there a certain brand of gum that beta testers seem to have come to a general consensus upon in regard to having the best qualities? Some brands seem to leave a terrible after taste especially after chewing for long periods of time. Also, it seems like buying all that gum is expensive, is there a good source of cheap, bulk gum? Are there any good alternatives to gum?


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Well I’m not a beta tester and don’t chew gum, but I’d wager that hours aren’t required. We don’t spend hours chewing our food. (I mean… I guess maybe some people do, but not most.) Probably like 10-15 minutes twice a day would be more than enough.

I’m personally interested in if anyone has come up with non-gum chewing replacements. I hate gum. I’ve been thinking of making my own super chewy jerky–maybe buffalo, cut on the grain–and gnawing on a couple small pieces every day. I only intend for my diet to be about 70% soylent, so I’m not worried about the extra calories/protein/whatnot it’ll add to my diet.

You could get a big tub of double bubble for fairly cheap. 400 pieces for around 18$ or something like that.

@Peanut : You could try some dehydrated fruit, without added sugars or sulphur. Pears, pineapple and mango are all very chewy.

Gum? I am so picky about gum (since childhood) and I found that the mentos gum is by far the best for texture. The flavor is REALLY intense at the start and fades fast which a lot of people don’t like but it has Xyletol (and sorbitol which is not great) which means your mouth doesn’t taste gross after chewing. The texture holds up really well and doesnt start to dissolve and also doesn’t turn into a rock or taste like an eraser. I only chew the mint flavor but I know that there are fruity flavors. I have a hard time finding it most places like convenience stores but they almost always have it at normal grocery stores.

I also haven’t started soylent (waiting my protein) but I plan on chewing gum with xylitol in it (brand doesn’t matter).
If you look around in google, the xylitol makes your mouth uninhabitable for the bacteria. And given that soylent is food in pure form it will be very good idea to take some actions after each meal.

Just my opinion though, no scientific backup.

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Here’s hoping gum chewing as an alternative to food doesn’t catch on. I hate being in the proximity of a gum chewer. Like with people who quite smoking, I’m almost tempted to buy them ciggies as the lesser of the evils. (I’m a never-smoker.) :wink:

On a serious note, chewing on something like raw veggies or meat jerkies might be the more natural solution. It would be about the same amount of chewing as many people on a regular diet do. It would add more solid fibre (always a good thing), with minimal calories.


These are not always possible options - especially if you take soylent because of your busy schedule. Sometimes you just don’t have the time and/or the ability to be occupied with veggies or jerky.
Besides - the xylitol would bring positive effect for your teeth.

I wonder what kind of jerky would be the best option for this purpose. Certainly the ubiquitous processed jerkies like Links or whatever can’t be the best option. If it’s the only real food I consume (it might be for a while) then I want the good stuff!

I haven’t gotten Soylent yet, but I’ve been chewing Trident quite frequently due to a broken tooth. It gets food remnants out of the broken tooth and generally keeps my mouth less disgusting. I don’t plan on any change when I finally get onto Soylent (some day), so hopefully I’ll be killing multiple fowl with single ordinance.

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The lack of chewing is not a thing I took into consideration, so the thread necro was beneficial to me. Also, I hate when a thread gets started for a thing and then that thing gets forgotten without being resolved (but that’s my issue).

Edited to add: I just ordered a 12 pack of Big League Chew (grape, should you care) on Amazon for about 15 bucks. That may be too much money for some folks, but that’s a bargain for BLC.

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That’s a ton of BLC, too. Ought to last you quite a while.

I chew Spry almost exclusively on recommendation of my dentist… Amazon sales it, it’s not the cheapest gum but it’s loaded with Xylitol which promotes tooth health.


I’ve been favoring stride lately. Use xylitol, and so long as I remove it when I’m drinking my Soylent, it lasts pretty much all day. The oils in my Soylent seem to break down the gum, though. So it will usually die the second time I drink my Soylent without removing the gum.

Also jerky definitely gives your jaw a good workout. First few times I had jerky after being on near exclusively Soylent actually left my jaw feeling sore (like, got-a-decent-workout sore). After the second bag I was fine, but it was definitely a… unique experience. haha. The main downside is that jerky is significantly more expensive than gum.


I bought some Falim gum on Amazon. It comes from Turkey, and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can get it in plain, mint, and fruit flavors.

Even the flavored versions don’t have much taste, and it will give your jaws a good workout.


Are tooth and jaw stimulation things we should worry about when we start using Soylent? I had never given it much thought and, like EveB, I really don’t enjoy chewing gum.

Probably not, but for whatever reason, its frequently discussed. I like the gum because its helps keep my teeth clean (Soylent likes to stick around longer than I’d like).

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Well I would say Yes and No… there have been limited studies about the metabolic impact of chewing as part of food consumption. Nothing conclusive but some studies have shown that the simple act of chewing food can actually impact how or body responds to it metabolically (at least in this limited study). My take away is that the science is too young to say we truly understand the impact of chewing as part of our digestive process in one way or another. I chew gum before/after meals just to maintain status quo. Be it out of concern for jaw strength/muscle disuse issues or metabolic/digestive issues.


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I want to try some gum - but I am allergic to sorbitol (confirmed by test). I am not sure about xylitol as there is no test for it that I’ve seen - but the low FODMAP diet seems to suggest avoiding all sugar alcohols including sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol. All of the gums I have seen in the shops either have sugar, or one of those 3 sweeteners.

In another thread someone mentioned Falim gum which I am going to try:

But I was wondering if anyone knew of any other options? Everything I find seems to contain one of the three artificial sweeteners listed above. I could have the ones with sugar in them to at least give me the chewing sensation - but they are probably bad for my teeth?