Best container to store Soylent in bulk?

I’m looking to dump all my bags of Soylent into a big seal-able container so I can take servings from it as I go along.

Any ideas?

Since your exposing it to air, don’t expect the multi-year shelf life.
Though as long as you keep it dry, it should be good for a few months.

I thought there was a thread on this topic a couple months ago, and the RL-recommended shelf life was surprisingly short – only a week or two IIRC.

EDIT: Found it: Opened bag expiration thread

See Conor’s 7/22 comment.

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A week is probably the safe answer.

As for the container though, i’m thinking a bulk/dry food dispenser would work nicely. Less opening and closing reduces moisture, no worrying about contaminated scoops, and some come with pre-measured portion sizes.

Would that kind of container work for a fine powder like Soylent? I usually see these containers at stores with larger particle size contents like in this picture.

It seems like the ones with the turning knobs are for larger particles, but powder dispensers exist.
For example…

Not to endorsing that particular one, just the first i found.

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Interesting. I wonder whether a portion selection mechanism like that will handle the variable nature of packed powders very well?

I don’t think there’s been any studies on the viscosity of Soylent under pressure.


Soylent with an appropriately-sized oxygen absorber inside of a ziplock mylar bag inside of a food-grade bucket with a gamma lid.

I’ve used recycled whey isolate tubs for storing pre-mixed Schmilk+whey… I would think that could work for 7-8 bags of Soylent. I even use the plastic scoop that came with the whey… (My metal Soylent scoop handle broke off)

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First thing that came to mind is the container I use to keep flour in:

But its probably too small for the purpose your looking for.

There are also these bulk containers: