Best meal to replace first?


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I just got my shipment notification, and I plan to start by replacing one meal a day to start. Which meal would be best to switch out for soylent first? How long before replacing a second, and which one?

I know there’s no hard and fast rule, but I don’t think I want to switch cold turkey either.

Thanks for your input

  • Chris


Replace the easiest to replace meal first. If they are all equally easy for you I suggest dinner. If you get hungry or have negative side affects after drinking it your at home and can deal with it easier. As far as when to replace the second I would say after you no longer have digestive issues or headaches.


I’d replace whatever your least healthy mesh trends to be (fast food, junk food, or frozen dinners)

I dived in headfirst, so I don’t know how to answer the other questions


The spouse just has Soylent for breakfast, and finds it’s easier to behave through lunch and the workday–and needs less coffee, too. I went in 90% from the start so can only offer that.


Yep I’d say start with breakfast because it sets the tone for the whole day. And the first morning after starting Soylent… WOW. At least for me anyway, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so alert & clear headed that early.


Yeah, here’s another breakfast-replacer. I find it really hard to eat in the morning to begin with, and I feel Soylent tastes the best in the morning. Make sure you prepared it the night before so it’s really chill when you drink it in the morning!


That’d funny… My fiance also particularly enjoys herz in the morning… I wonder why that is…


I mostly just do breakfast too.


Breakfast too. I used to eat really unhealthy sweet stuff in mornings. Soylent replaced it.


And if you drive, you can put it in a blender bottle and sip it in the car.


Horsefield is right, better to replace it with with dinner. You will be at home if any bowel issues arise.


Valid point, if you’re totally new to Soylent and your body has any adverse reaction that sends you into Fartville. However, replacing only a single meal… I doubt you’re likely to encounter much trouble. But obviously everyone’s different.


I have very little time in the morning to eat, so breakfast was my first meal replacement. I tried to go 100% on day 3, but the gas was just too much to do it all 3 meals the next day. I haven’t tried to go 100% since. Despite dinner being the most difficult meal to prepare, I have the most time available to devote to it. So breakfast and lunch are my Soylent/Schmoylent meals now for over two weeks.


No “e” at the end of hors :smile: … its an extremely common misspelling lol


Thanks for the suggestions all! In the end, my girlfriend decided she wants to try it with me now, and she chose dinner. So I obviously chose dinner too. Lol.

But to be fair, it is also the easiest one to replace for me as well.

Loving it one day in!

  • Chris