Best "mods" to People Chow recipe


DIYs using the People Chow recipe as a base, please describe your “mods”. :smile: ie. what modifications to the standard recipe do you do.


I add chia seeds and more whey protein isolate (and take out some masa harina) for my People Chow Plus recipe:

It been getting some good reviews on my site, so I think it’s a good mod. :slight_smile:

Cinnamon and cayenne are a nice flavor addition too.


I’m guessing adding chia seeds would require blending the mix right?


I’ve never tired People Chow, but do have chia seeds in several of my recipes.

The chia seeds will absorb a lot of water and bulk up quite a bit. They turn gel like, which I found great at helping to keep a mix in suspension. The recipe I used the longest would not show separation for a couple of days, due in large part I think to the chia, in combination with some lecithin and a blender.

Some people will be OK using chia without a blender, gives something to chew. I have always prefered to blend any of those recipes with seeds.

Don’t forget to account for the added nutrients from any mods you make though. Cinnamon, cayenne, cocoa, etc can be great additives, but bring more than just flavor to the mix. Cocoa for example is very high in iron, which could become a problem if used regularly on top of a recipe that is already setup OK for iron.