Best one-serving mix containers?

Curious as to what kind of containers everyone’s using for single servings… I’m particularly interested in containers that clean super-easily that don’t hold a smell. I’m actually thinking glass might be good for this, but I’m wondering what other types of containers people have been using.

20 oz. Blender Bottle. Cleans easily, doesn’t hold odors. I don’t even bother with the ball anymore. Since the bottle is small and light, it’s really easy to shake it vigorously.


Another vote for the Blender Bottle, though I prefer the larger 28- and even 32-oz sizes.

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Mason jars make for an easy glass solution.


Would used 2.0 bottles be good? I haven’t received my 2.0 yet so I don’t know what they’re like.

I’ve been refilling mine with my DIY, but it’s already mixed in the pitcher, I don’t think the 2.0 bottles would be convenient to try and mix single servings.

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Narrow opening on 2.0 bottles. Like a frappuccino bottle. Not as bad as a soda lid but still much smaller than a blender bottle. So it probably would be annoying to some level getting powder into the bottles.


That’s what I use too.

I keep 'em in the freezer; I always have a nice, frosted soylent glass. :smile:

Nice! They’re so easy to shake for mixing and easy to clean.

16 oz water bottles and a bottle brush:

I’ve been using the Sun’s Tea 18 oz. glass travel mug (I don’t know why they call it a mug, it’s really a blender bottle) for well over a year now, very happily. Easy to shake your Soylent in it, easy to clean. (Don’t neglect to clean the silicone seal from the lid separately, though.)

I prefer the 28 ounce but to each his own!

I have the 28 also (it’s also quite excellent), but the 20 is easier to clean and I’m encouraged to drink smaller meals to help with weight loss.

I’ll second (or third) mason jars (16oz).

Also, perfect for fresh brewing tea for use in Soylent: put in tea bag, fill jar about halfway with hot water, let steep as desired, add Soylent powder after cooled, seal and shake, open top up with water.

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How many meals do you split a bag into? I’ve got 28 oz bottles but have considered buying some 20’s. But doing 4 meals at 500ml it seems like it’d be a little full / maybe harder to shake it up?

I do small meals, about 300 calories(12 oz.). I could comfortably do 400 calories(16 oz.). 500 calories(20 oz.) should work ok if you did the half water/add powder/rest water process.

Target sells a blender bottle that has a solid ball with wings. It’s $10 and works well. Easy to clean with just water and mixes well too. I actually prefer it over the more expensive “Blender Bottle” brand with the metal mixing ball.