Best protein powder to buy?


A lot of people use various protein supplements in their recipes and I want to start adding some to my own, so I’m wondering what the best protein powder to buy is?

I’m looking for mostly for high protein and either chocolate or unflavoured uhh flavours.

Should I be looking for whey isolate? Concentrate? Is there another type?
Are brands important? Is there a difference in quality along the price scale?


this is a good source


Here’s an interesting study that someone on Reddit did. They took different protein powders and figured out the approx value of protein in them:


Thanks, that’s pretty helpful


You will not find a solid WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE with sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin and 10% of most vitamins and minerals at a cheaper price from a very reliable store. Trust me I researched for many many hours. I also know a thing or two about nutrition etc.

That product above(prozis) is only about 76% protein and the first ingredient is soy protein isolate. It is crap and has 2 kinds of processed sugars in it. The one from Swanson is 90% like a Isolate protein should be.


and a lot more expensive


or many this one