Best response to "Soyent Green" comments?

We’ve all heard this before:

Soylent? What is that, Soylent Green?! You know that Soylent Green is made from people, right?!

I try to educate the heckler, but having to immediately defend the product because of a controversial name is getting old.

What’s the best response to these comments?

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Let them try some of yours, but be sure they understand that…

“The taste varies from person to person.”


This is Soylent Beige. Totally different product.


I usually say it’s a superfood shake, protein shake, nutrition drink or something like that. I only tell them the name if they ask. I don’t like to explain it because it always comes with a lot of questions beyond just what it is. If someone sees me drinking it, it is because I am on the go and don’t have the time to give you my life’s ambitions and philosophy.


You could congratulate them for being the ten millionth person to think of that joke, then ask them if they want to know anything about the real stuff.


Wait. We’re not really drinking people? How disappointing. I guess I thought we were more cutting edge than we actually are.


I usually go with: “This is made by people, for people, but not of people.”

But going forward I’m going to steal @dskye’s way-snappier answer:


Or you could tell them the movie made up the whole cannibalism aspect.


Reply, “Yep, today it’s Mongolian Grill. Yummy.”

(Mongolian Grill is a restaurant in this part of the U.S. that the locals are familiar with)

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I actually start off with “Have you heard of that Soylent Green movie?”

Then again, the one person I’ve explained this to so far hadn’t heard of Soylent Green… :confused:

@dskye and @Syke only one of us knows the ingredients to Soylent Beige… Am I the only one that mixes a speck of my grandfather’s ashes into my Soylent so that I can tell people that it really DOES have people in it? (ok, I don’t, but how would they know…)


You are what you eat. Do you want to be vegetable or human?


I want to be a Unicorn… Isn’t the secret ingredient in Soylent Beige ground-up Unicorn Horn?

The latest from the Soylent twitter feed (@Conor?):

“We ran out of people, so its beige.”


Its all true! We give all manner of responses to the statement based upon how and who asks. Most people make the reference as its the low hanging fruit of the joke tree. It is something that won’t ever change, but we are happy with the name :slight_smile: I hope all of you are too!


I know I am. I even got green stickers for my gear that says “Fresh Soylent”. Definitely a conversation starter.

If it’s going to be a standard quip, it should be “it’s”, not “its”.

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Heh! Agreed! I was just quoting, and I thought it would have looked nitpicky if I included “[sic]” in the quote.

(In that vein, periods and commas always go inside quotation marks. As in, "it’s,"not “its.” :blush:)

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Yes, I am exceedingly familiar with that rule, and I even know why, which has to do with Ben-Franklin era typesetting. But that is an American rule, and I spend a lot of time reading the Economist, so I am used to seeing it violated. Moreover, many Americans don’t follow or understand that rule, so I am not convinced it will stand.

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I had a friend who would say it EVERY time I mentioned Soylent and just tease me over and over.

Today he has a subscription.

I think three things, well four really changed his perception:

  1. I told him the daily cost for complete nutrition
  2. He waited until he was sure I wasn’t going to die from it
  3. He tried it one day and liked it
  4. When he said initially “IT’S PEOPLE!!!” I calmly told him, “It’s a Nutritionally Complete Powdered Food”.

I also joked that I’m becoming Soylent…he’s got it backwards :wink: