Best Soylent Article Yet (in my opinion...)


Boy, did @Lee_Ars hit the nail on the head with this article

He seems to understand exactly why I’m so excited about Soylent, and why the rest of the people in my life don’t get it. I have such a love/hate relationship with food, and always have. Soylent takes the choice out my relationship with food. I’ve never proven myself to be able to make good choices when it comes to food, and that’s why I’m so attracted to the idea of Soylent.

The only “diet” I have ever lost weight on was an Atkins like program. I think it was less about taking carbs out of my diet and more about reducing my choices to a very small inventory of food that I allowed myself to eat. This translated into more than 80 pounds lost over the course of a year. Did I get bored with my food choices after awhile? Yes. Will I get bored with Soylent, Probably. But replacing two meals a day with something that is nutritious and good for me has to be better than 2 Big Macs and a large fry. It has to be.

If I can reduce the choices, I believe I will be healthier. I could be wrong, but it’s worth the effort to try.


Agreed. Arstechnica really gets it in this article.


there is a thread that keeps track of all the media for Soylent.

Lee_Ars’ article is there.


“That second link, for example, says Soylent is terrible and then haughtily describes the amazing dinner the author had for £55—about $93 at current rates. If I paid $93 for a dinner that wasn’t fabulous, I’d contemplate burning the restaurant down.”

Thats the first thing I thought. that article was blatantly stuuuu errrr ridiculous. (Wouldnt want to get anyone panties in a bunch even if it was the right word.)


Nice article.

With more than 10 chars.


Best article? Not having read them all, I will leave that for others to decide.

A couple of statements I noted in the article:

“Today it’s relatively easy to make a healthy meal”. I would posit it’s even easier to make an unhealthy meal.

“Reducing food to a powder that can be mixed and drunk undermines millennia of evolution and culture”. Yeah, I’d say that supermarket ready meals, that appear to becoming a primary source of nutrition for many families, are doing exactly the same thing.

Living alone, I’ll take $3 of Soylent as my source of utility meals any day over a boxed mystery meal.

I will point out I am a food lover. I relish a “good” meal. But, a large part of my diet is food consumption for fuel not enjoyment. I’ll still eat well, just when I choose to.


@glasco61 I’m not sure you were looking at the article I was referring to as “the best.” The link to the article I was talking about is in my original post above. I don’t see any of the quoted comments you mentioned in that article.

I also made it clear that it’s in my opinion. I don’t expect anyone else to believe it’s the best article written on Soylent yet.


To reiterate what I said, I can’t judge if it’s the “Best article” as I haven’t read them all. So can neither agree or disagree with your choice of superlative in the title of the thread.

As for the quoted text. If you’re talking about this article: (link from 1st post in this thread).

“Today it’s relatively easy to make a healthy meal”: Last sentence of 2nd para page 1
"Reducing food to a powder that can be mixed and drunk undermines millennia of evolution and culture": 2nd sentence, 3rd paragraph of the section “Foodpocalypse”, also page 1…

I double checked, so now I’m really confused…


To clarify something I thought was already pretty clear in the piece: those are common objections to Soylent, which I listed in order to address them. They are not my personal objections to Soylent.


Hello Lee :slight_smile:

I assume you are Mr. Lee Hutchinson.

Id like to praise the **** out of you for this wonderful article (the best out of a really outstanding soylent series) Not only because I really like your rational, balanced view, interesting voice, good writing and so on, but because I never thought somebody would be able to empathize so spot on with that love-hate-food-relationship, and put it down so accurate into a written article.

@glasco61 : please read the whole piece (again? dont think so :slight_smile: ) You wont regret it.