Best tasting rice protein?


I’ve tried this one:

My whey protein isolate tasted “WAY” better. Note, I was testing these proteins with milk/banana/strawberry smoothies. Any suggestions for good rice proteins? Whey protein gives me bad gas, even the whey isolates.


Isolate really shouldn’t give you gas. Although there’s a sneaky trick where a bottle will say “isolate” on it, and if you read the ingredients it’s a blend of isolate and concentrate.

Do you still have the bottle of the whey that gave you problems?


Yeah, it’s the Biochem brand. Good stuff, and apparently 99% lactose free. I am in fact lactose intolerant but it’s possible this stuff gave me gas because I was already getting enough protein in my diet and so it sat inside me undigested. I just read an article that says some people get gas/bloating from whey isolate too:

I’m currently gathering the ingredients for your People chow 2.3.0. (Excited, thanks for all of your work!) I’ll try some with the whey isolate and see how it goes. I’ll also try it with rice protein but I’m scared about how that might taste.

Side note, I’ll probably substitute canola for soybean, hopefully that won’t screw things up.


Btw, I might try the Now brand isolate, according to that article sometimes just switching to a different brand can make a difference.


Canola should be fine as long as you supplement some vitamin K. You can get powdered parsley or basil flakes for that. Or just add a vitamin K supplement.

There can indeed be some pretty significant differences between different brands.


Awesome, thanks for the vitamin K tip. I should have all the ingredients by early this coming week. I’ll let you know how it goes, and maybe take a pic or two.


I just wanted to bump this thread. The Sunwarrior brand of rice protein looks like it could be a candidate. Anyone tried it??

Btw, I just drank about 670 calories worth of diy soylent using my Nutribiotic rice protein and I think I could actually get used to this. (cinnamon helps!)