Best threads for new users? Reporters?


Seems likely we will get a fair amount of new users and or interest now that shipping is picking up. I imagine this forum might be hard to navigate just registering. Would it make sense to get a “best of” type thread going? A summary, if you will, of our best discussions that also may be a FAQ? Kind of like a sticky in other forums? What do you think?


Thread on Sucralose in Soylent
Soylent Shipping thread
Soylent Shipment tracker (not a thread but a good resource)
Direct link to tracker map
Soylent media roundup thread


Definitely down to take the suggestions here and put them in a stickied thread.


I’d definitely add the blogs thread,


Perhaps these also:

Soylent for Food Addiction

Any other “food neutrals” out there?

Effects of Soylent on Diabetics

I would also suggest linking the full final ingredient list and nutritional breakdown.