Best way to make Soylent chocolate flavored?


I guess this is directed at the DIY’ers that are already drinking their home made versions. What is the best way to make a chocolate version of Soylent? Using syrup will add a lot of sugar to it. Maybe some dark choco powder?


I’ve used cocoa powder with a little vanilla for balance. Great taste


I use powder. Don’t forget at least a little sweetener, or there won’t be much flavor benefit.


Agreed! Cocoa powder is the way to go. I’ve tried Toll House and Hershey’s, which yield comfortable, vaguely fruity “chocolate milk” flavors — but for an extra treat… get your hands on some Hershey’s Special Dark. It’s outta this world.

  • Adding vanilla adds a yummy counterpoint
  • A little brown sugar goes a long way
  • Salt, too (but stay in bounds of DRI)