Best way to mask soylent 1.4 flavor?


I just got my first batch of soylent today and I really do want to like it, I don’t care too much about taste I just want to be able to drink it. But whatever the strong flavor is (thinking it’s the sunflower oil now) it’s making it impossible to drink any more than a few sips.

I tried adding some chocolate syrup to a small cup, nope. I then tried adding peanut butter to the rest of the pitcher I’d made, again no and I added 2-3 cups and could barely taste it.

I wanna drink my soylent so any recommendations? :frowning:


Don’t dread the threads! :see_no_evil:

There’s already a thread for this topic: The flavoring Soylent 1.4 thread.


I moved a post to an existing topic: The flavoring Soylent 1.4 thread

Yep – @Ric is right! I made a copy of your original post over into the linked thread, @cheesownsu, you should be able to find some helpful tips just on the other side of the link :slight_smile: