Better Call Saul - Soylent Joke!


I don’t know if any of you watch the AMC show Better Call Saul, but Soylent Green was joked about on it last night and figured I’d share. I got a laugh out of it anyways…

Slightly unrelated here, but would it be okay to merge “uncategorized” and “other”? I don’t really see the difference in them but if there is one and I missed it, my apologies!

Is Soylent being made by an evil empire?

I love Better Call Saul!

Of course, I loved Breaking Bad, and Saul was my favorite character on that show, so I had been looking forward to it for a long time.

Loved the Soylent Green reference last night.


“Uncategorized” includes Soylent-related threads that don’t fall under any other heading.

“Other” includes all topics not related to Soylent.


So… is this in the wrong place?

I guess it could be argued that this is Soylent related. Eh. It’s a stretch…



Video not playable. Boo!!!


It still works if you go to the direct link:


Not for me it don’t. Then again I’m on my iPhone and not using Safari.

Edit: even on Mobile Safari, which opens the YouTube app, says the same thing.

Edit Edit: that clip doesn’t appear to be mobile friendly. Can’t even search for it on the YouTube app. On the bright side it plays just fine on my laptop.


I have a youtube “unblocker” script, so I imagine that clip (it’s the scene we’re talking about) may be locked out for your locale… I wouldn’t be able to tell. :wink: