Better, less dystopian sci-fi name?


Is it just me, or does naming a nutritional super-food very similarly to the food that gets rationed out as the government’s solution to starvation and graveyard overpopulation in the movie “Soylent Green” by making it out of corpses seem like a terrible idea? Is this actually made out of people, or is it a coincidence?


Look how many people are spreading the name. Causing people to actually look it up online. Read reviews. Actually going to the Soylent website and forums. I think the name Soylent is brilliant and has worked as intended. Anyone who would judge a product solely by the name quite frankly arent the crowd that Soylent is trying to target.


By jove you must be the first person who noticed that. well done.

But seriously, the name is just fine. Its from the book, not the movie. Ironically, it’s a product like soylent that will PREVENT that bleak future. by drawing attention to it now, we can stave off the future mass starvation, by adjusting our food supply to something that we can actually sustain.


I hate the name. But only because it features SOY in it, when the product is not soy based at all. Beyond that, I couldn’t care less except that it has caused the product to spread like wildfire where it would otherwise likely have been stillborn. So for that reason alone, I love the name. :smile:


I havent seen the movie or read the book, but have had people explain it of course. I hate the name because EVERYTHING I associate it with is yucky. Soy (food allergy for me), Lent (depriving myself of anything), Lentils (not a fan), Soil (dirty), Soiled (as in diapers)… I can’t make anything good of the name… but I think it tastes great :smile:


You forget that Soylent also contains “Oyl”, an obvious reference to Popeye’s wife. Surely you don’t have a problem with her, do you?

I think the name is fine. The people who it scares off (i.e. “normal” people) are mostly the ones who probably wouldn’t be interested in it anyway, or would be grossed out by the concept no matter what you called it.

Also anyone who actually watched the movie would know that there were multiple soylent varieties, only one of which was made of people. Or anyone who read the book would know there was no cannibalism at all. So it’s a good way to catch people talking about things they don’t actually understand.

There’s also a rapidly growing number of soylent-inspired products with “nicer” names, and I expect that number of such products to explode over the next couple years, so those offended by the name have plenty of other options.


My issue with the name is because of all the stupid remarks I have to deal with every time I want to talk about the product. I’ve found that people don’t take me seriously and they can’t get past the name. Yes this is their deficit not mine, but still, the mocking can be rough, harsh, tiresome, and unoriginal. So yes, I find the name frustrating.


I don’t have a problem with the name. It’s an attention grabber … which is partly the reason it’s received the attention it has. I don’t think “Formula 43.5” or “Rob’s Vita-Sauce” would have ended up with it being sold anywhere other than a marijuana co-op on the bad side of Stockton.

I’m happy with the cheesy sci-fi name. Find another reason to complain about forward thinking science.


No one is complaining about forward thinking science.


I spent some time with my mom today. I explained to her the concept while driving–a captive audience! I actually started out with the name: Does the word Soylent mean anything to you? Well, let me tell you about it then! Here’s the origin of the word (book, then movie), and here’s this awesome product I’ve ordered!

She had not heard of the book or movie, which didn’t surprise me. But if she had, it would have been equally simple to go from there and explain how Soylent today is different. Take the tired (to us now) joke out of the mouths of people before you tell them that Soylent is now a product.

Later, I showed her the video that is on the homepage. I hadn’t actually watched it in a while and I took something different from it this time. In @rob’s genius way, Soylent IS people… in the video he talks about the different things the human body is made of, which is what Soylent is. All the chemicals/nutrients that a person needs–because that’s what we’re made of.

I think starting off talking about the name is how I will approach telling people about Soylent from now on. If they haven’t heard the word before, I need to be sure they understand that if they in turn tell others about it, they may get crazy reactions. If they have heard of Soylent, what a great opportunity to clear the air right away! Talking about the book reference also is a good way to lead in to: no, it’s not soy based, and it’s not lentils either. It’s a throwback to old sci-fi, no more.

Does this make sense to anyone? Use the word to your advantage!


I never heard of that movie before all this. And I wish no one else ever had because they all think they are terribly clever. If people ask what I am drinking I say a protein shake.

It has protein. I shake it. So… Yeah. End of stupid movie references to stuff from before I was born.


Too late to change the name.
I’ve never seen the movie or read any books. The name has no connotation for me, as well as anybody who hasn’t seen the movie or read books.


That’s a terrific idea @LauraT for some folks. I, however, don’t wish to spend time educating people about a book or a movie or the cleverness of a name on a daily basis. I’d rather just drink my Soylent and avoid people altogether. :slight_smile:


I like it when people I’m talking to try and connect it to the Green variety…The truth eventually comes out and they said how much they dis-like Mr/Mrs smith from the temp pool and how does the company select the people they use…


Okay, good point. I guess I was referring to people we want to share this cool idea with. If a random coworker were to come ask me what I was drinking, I’d probably respond with “food”… and then I’d ignore that person.

Of course, that’s once I get some and can take it to work! I live under a rock and didn’t hear about Soylent until earlier this month. My 28-day subscription order from July 5 (2014) won’t be arriving for a very long time.