Better source for PROTEIN?!


I follow but have my own profile and have different amounts for each ingredient. My profile is calling for 132 grams of protein. I am using 70 grams about in my daily soylent shake and i hit about 60 grams right after my workout. I enjoy the whey isolate for right after workout but am wanting to look into a cheaper source of protein for my daily soylent shake. Any ideas? I ran across this but anyone know of anything else?


Protein will typically be the most expensive component of DIY soylent.

If using soy protein, watch out for the iron and sodium content to ensure you don’t go above your desired amounts.

When protein shopping, I make a spreadsheet where I can plug in the price, container size, serving size, and grams of protein per serving in order to automatically calculate the cost per gram of actual protein, which is really what you’re looking for.

If shopping on Amazon, be sure to look for coupon buttons – last time the cheapest option ended up being Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder in 2-pound containers thanks to a 20% off coupon. That coupon is no longer there but you might find other deals if you look around.

Official Soylent will be using rice protein, and you can find plenty of options on Amazon and elsewhere, but I haven’t found the pricing to be particularly appealing.

Here’s a company offering bulk whey protein (concentrate or isolate) for fairly good prices:

They say shipping is free on orders above $60, so the 10-pound and up boxes would have no shipping charge. Although isolate has a higher percentage of protein than concentrate, if you crunch the numbers the concentrate comes out a fair bit cheaper in terms of cost per gram of actual protein. Concentrate contains cholesterol, though, and also might be unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance, so those might or might not be factors for you.

Pea protein is cheap but I’ve heard mixed things about the taste and texture. It’s also not a complete protein, but this may not be a factor if you have other sources of protein.


heh, if you aren’t worried about completeness of a main protein source, you can find ridiculously cheap gluten (wheat protein)…


I’m using whey protein, and I needed to find a certified kosher source.
I’m currently using Nutrabio’s concentrate. It’s a decent price (<$10/lb.) and a good deal for a big bucket.


So what is Wheat Protein all about? I found this: Wow its cheap…


It’s gluten. Pure gluten. Used in baking for increasing the elasticity of the dough.


What about hemp, pea, or… any of the others?

I just started doing my own DIY mixture based on Hacker School, and I’m finding that both whey and soy have a smell/taste that I’m not a fan of. Reminds me of… well, protein drinks. I wouldn’t mind it so much, except it lingers and I feel like I have started smelling like it. Which makes me self-concious.

But I’m brand new to DIY and I don’t know what the drawbacks/benefits of each protein are, or if there are others I’m not even considering. Any advice?


You can certainly give the soy protein isolate a shot and see how it goes. I’m not a big fan of soy, but it’s an option.

You might also consider whey concentrate. Take a look at the Amazon link in my “Cheaperfood” recipe for on option that should be fairly cost-effective. If you’re willing to go bulk, take a look at the 20kg bag of 80% whey protein concentrate available from Honeyville.


The whey protein concentrate here is much cheaper:

The one you linked to is $8.62 per pound for 44 pounds. Novus Life is $6.40 per pound for 25 pounds, and it’s the same concentration of protein.


Thanks for the pointer – and now my mind has been officially blown in trying to consider the storage volume that would be required for their 100lb bulk case of protein…

I have updated my “Cheaperfood” recipe accordingly.


So I’ve been looking around for alternative sources of protein due to the fact that our bodies are not meant to consume the amount of soy that is in whey or soy protein powder. Even in pure forms, they have a rather high ratio of (estrogen containing) soy to protein. I’m trying to avoid soy products due to the effects that high levels of estrogen can have on the body; males and females. Has anyone had any success finding a good, reliable substitute? I was considering mixing brown rice powder with pea powder because standing alone, neither has is a complete sourse of nutrition but in theory they complement each other when put together in that department. I’ve had pea power before in Raw Meal but it has a rather unique and interesting “fluffy” quality to it. Any suggestions?

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I suggest you perform some research before you write off soy and whey proteins. Most of the alarmism behind them isn’t really grounded in science, but in a fear of the word estrogen. Your body naturally produces and consumes these over the course of a regular diet - soy isn’t the only plant source of phytoestrogens.

Additionally, the oral consumption of whole hormones, such as phytoestrogen and IGF-1, is completely dissimilar and unrelated to elevated serum levels of said hormones.

Your saliva, stomach acid, and gut flora do a fantastic job of breaking down most everything that passes through your body with the exception of pure cellulose (whole corn kernels, anyone?). Vitamins are just about the only thing you’ll consume that you need to be concerned about denaturing, as the rest of your food gets thoroughly destroyed by the normal digestive process.

That said, you may want to consider using wheat protein (also known as gluten) or peanut protein to flesh out your profiles. With the exception of soy, there is basically no complete plant protein, but most of them are pretty easy to fill in combination.