Better to get a refund and order at a different time?


@JulioMiles I placed an order for a 2 week supply of Soylent back in March. Obviously after reading the forums, I understand that you are shipping larger orders out first and working your way to the smaller orders. I’m not here to condemn your business practices and echo the angry messages of other posters.

My question is as the subject says. Would it be better to request a refund and wait to order again until Soylent has caught up on it’s shipping/processing? I’ve been out $130 since March (knowing some have been out over a year) and with all the delays in shipping and the fact that my lowly 2 week order is low on the priority list, would it just make more sense? If so, could you go ahead and process the refund so I can appropriate the funds to things I have more pressing needs for?

I can check back and see how shipping goes moving forward, but I had a need for this as I’m trying to get healthy and since March, I have been figuring out alternatives out of necessity. I am just not comfortable in investing in more than 2 weeks at this time until I have a chance to see how my body will react.

I appreciate all your help and correspondence and hope that you all have a great day.



@macj214284, If you want your money back for the time being, then get a refund and order later on. If you want to get your Soylent asap and can live with having your $130 tied up in it, then you’ll get it faster if you stick it out. You’ll probably need to define “better” for Julio as he won’t be able to make the decision based on what you’ve given him. I appreciate your attitude on here by the way–many people are very confrontational instead of businesslike, as you were.


@michael_slosson I appreciate the quick reply. My definition of “better” is two-sided. 1.) Better for me to wait and order at a later time when smaller orders can be fulfilled in a timely fashion. 2.) Better for Rosa by taking an order out to allow the 2 weeks to be bundled with a larger order for faster fulfillment. I know that the second one may not seem to make a large impact as it’s only a 2 week order, however, if the current mindset is to ship large orders first, then my two week order is just going to be sitting in limbo for x amount of time not being fulfilled, which in turn keeps your shipments/fulfillment ratio higher.

The thought here was not necessarily to demand a time frame as I understand that it’s difficult to predict with such a large order base, but to see if it seemed more logical to Rosa for people who want to test smaller portions of the product to hold off on ordering until your shipping process has become more streamlined. If that seems like the best option for all parties involved, I’m sure I won’t be the only 2 week order customer willing to just take the refund and check back as things progress forward. That way, the 2 week orders will drop off your fulfillment list and you guys can just focus on the larger ones.

Once again, thanks for the correspondence.



Just my 2 cents… If you are not cash strapped and in need of the $130 I would let it ride. Money already spent and one day soon you will have a nice surprise waiting on your doorstep when you get home. From the shipment tracker it looks like things are moving rather quickly. IDK I would wait it out.


I also have a 2 week order placed in December 2013. I’m waiting. Since they’re making reorders a high priority, I don’t see any reason for me to cancel my order and then make a fresh order later. Sticking with it will get me my order the fastest, for no monetary difference (or maybe it’s less, if you don’t plan to do a subscription), and get me to the coveted “existing customer reorder priority” line faster.


I see both of y’all’s logic. However, it’s not that I’m cash strapped necessarily (though I could use that $130 for other things, including groceries) but my issue lies strictly with the fact that when I originally placed my order, I did it because I am having health complications (nothing major, not trying to garner pity) and I needed an alternate to the foods at the grocery store with corn syrup, excess fats, etc. Soylent seemed like a great alternative and everything I read on the backer campaign told me that it was a wise product to invest in. I was more than happy to contribute to the company and still fully intend to support it, but since it’s going to be a while before they start shipping 2 week orders, I’m not getting the result I needed when I contributed my investment.

I’m not bitter and I’m not bad mouthing Soylent or RosaLabs. I understand starting a business and getting the overwhelming response that they have received makes it incredibly hard to judge the needs of your shipping/manufacturing. Which is why I garner no ill will. However, it’s hard for me to let $130 go when the original order was placed under the impression that I’d be receiving my order not long after it was placed. If there was a notice that smaller orders would take several months to fulfill, it would’ve changed my decision.

That’s where I’m at right now.



Didn’t the price go up like $5 for week for non-subscription orders? so if you cancel and then re-order you’ll spend more money.


Again though, it isn’t about the cost. I was fine investing the money. However, when I placed the order, the impression was given that I would be receiving my order not too long after the backer campaign ended. Had there been any indication at the time I ordered that a small order wouldn’t be fulfilled until the very end, my decision would’ve been completely effected.

I appreciate all of the responses. You all make great points and I look forward to monitoring the progress of Soylent as it continues to grow.


Quick answere is you might end up waiting much longer if you ask for a refund now :slight_smile: they are only shipping by size for backers, not new orders from after the cutoff date


You’ll likely be getting your Soylent much sooner than it seems. They’re currently going through 4 week orders at a rate of approximately a month a day, so they will likely be finished with that group by next week. Then it’s3 week orders, of which I have a feeling there aren’t many. Then your group, the 2 week orders. According to, there are:

23824 weeks of 4+ week orders (5956 4 weeks)
7836 weeks of 2 week orders (3918 2 weeks)
14922 weeks of 1 week orders

So 2-week orders amount to roughly 1/3 of 4-week orders, which means they’ll likely go through that group pretty quickly (3 months in a day if they keep this rate up), which means your Soylent might very well be shipped in 2 or 3 weeks at the most.

Me? I would wait :smile:


Have you thought about making your own Soylent equivalent? If you cook your own food at all you’ll find it’s even easier to measure out your own Soylent-like powder. I’ve designed a recipe that’s very similar to Soylent, which I like to call… Schmoylent.


@axcho politely refrains from mentioning that you can try a sample day or week of Schmoylent, or other soylents, from him and others at (You might want to add flavorings to Schmoylent–I found it better with vanilla and a tiny touch of mint chocolate.)


That’s wildly optimistic. I believe the average (using the tracker) is closer to 1 month = 2.25 days, and that’s only after they got away from the initial surge hump of May/June/July. I’m not sure whether there are more 2 week or 1 week orders, but a closer estimate, factoring in that it seems they’re shipping on Saturdays, is something like:
4 week orders complete by 8/14
3 week orders complete by (wild-ass guess) 8/29
2 week orders complete by 9/15
1 week orders complete by 10/2

I would still keep a 2-week order, but that’s just because you’ve had that money tied up for so long you may as well get something out of it. Think of it this way: if you had taken your money and invested it in something else, you could have (theoretically) double or even tripled it by now. But you invested in Soylent where the only known return is Soylent. If you took that money and invested it now, you could profit, what, maybe $20 between now and the end of next month?


Wildly optimistic? Yesterday the tracker shows november orders going out. So far today, it’s showing the beginnings of January orders going out. That’s two months in a day.

That’s much faster than the 2.25 days per month of orders you quoted.

Nah, it might turn out I’m not that optimistic after all.


Just because it takes them one day to get into the next month doesn’t mean that they’re now done with the previous month. We’ve got a spread of 4+ days on the tracker for December alone (which is obviously not representative of all orders given that it’s like 2% of establish order numbers). I’d like for you to be right, I was just giving some more pessimistic dates.


For clarification, larger orders first was the shipping fufilment method for the back log of orders once production started, after 5/6/14 orders are shipping on a first in first out basis.


I’m going to stick it out for a little while longer. I really don’t want to do the DIY method…there is a lot of trial and error involved with that and from what I’ve read about this product, there has been quite a bit of testing from the creator himself and from those who did get theirs early on.

Either way, I’m going to wait a little while longer and hope that it eventually arrives but I don’t think I can stick it out for a year like some people have. The order was placed in March and if they are getting close to the 2 week orders then I should get mine (hopefully) in the next month or so.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I emailed, on August 7 2014, and requested a refund. I got no response.

Yesterday (08/28/14), I got an email requesting I confirm my shipping address for when the shipment is eventually sent. The email stated to respond to it if requesting a refund.

I responded to that email, again requesting a refund. I got an auto-responder back saying that they are swamped with emails and will respond when they can. That is not responsive. This whole thing is beginning to seem like a pyramid scheme. Customers are charged immediately, few orders are processed relative to the order volume and customers are just told to wait months.

There does not appear to be an adequate mechanism in place to honestly respond to disgruntled customers which would simply like to get a refund and get off the merry go round.


Happy to tag @MattCauble and
@JulioMiles to help you out.


Thank you. Perhaps that will help… TIme will tell.