Beware: Concept of absorption of vitamins/minerals

I have not been using official soylent or diy soylent but have been victim of inferior quality supplement. I am diagnosed with low magnesium stored in body. This is causing me fatigue and weakness. Condition was developing for over 9 months in time when I saw my weakness and fatigue increasing slowly after long walks. Nobody, including my doc, could figure out reason. But problem was this - I was using vitaminshoppe cal-mag pills for 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg of magnesium in one pill. It turns out these pills have terrible absorption. They were just being flushed out. Before this, I was taking solaray chelated cal-mag which is 2 pills for same amount of elements and multiple salts of same element for better absorption. That time I was totally fine.

Now I am taking cal-mag again from solaray and getting better.

So, if you are putting supplements in soylent (which everyone is…obviously), make sure it’s good quality supplement so that it absorbs better. Just saying…



This brings up an extremely good point that I’ve noticed with some of the DIY recipes. People, in an attempt to lower costs as much as possible, are picking the cheapest multivitamin they can find. To me this seems like a very bad idea. As the OP pointed out some cheap supplements have poor absorption because the manufacturer cut costs by using cheap forms of the micronutrients and passed the savings on to you. This is usually fine if you are eating other foods that also give you the micronutrient in question. But seeing as we are depending on these supplements for our sole source of these micronutrients going the cheap route isn’t a very bright idea.


It is a very valid concern, specially for the diy community. Thankfully, it seems that Rosa Labs takes in bioavailablity of micros into account.

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Hmm, where have they said this? I don’t remember a specific policy or principle about their choice of micronutrients, and seeing forms like magnesium oxide does not give me a lot of confidence about their choices…


I was getting symptoms of magnesium deficiency using official Soylent so I started supplementing with a magnesium chelated supplement and have been better since then. Rosa labs seems to be of the opinion that the lower absorbed vitamins are good enough (which may be the case). Personally I would rather the better absorbed ones were used.

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Only instance I can point to is manganese, where they have more than RDA because of bioavailablity. That makes me assume they are taking some of into consideration. Though I can’t know for sure. But I think perhaps we can get them to talk a little about the bioavailibilty of the specific vitamins and minerals used @Conor

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@rob has said in one of the threads that the magnesium oxide (MO) is not the sole source of magnesium in Soylent. The MO is only meant to top off the requirement and takes the bioavailability of MO into account.

Also there is the spreadsheet that is floating around. I haven’t looked at all the micros but I know a number of them are above the RDA. A few of which are covered by the other ingredients AND are supplemented.

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The Daily Value for adults for magnesium (Mg) is 400 mg/day. Soylent 1.5 contains 253 mg of Mg from magnesium oxide (MgO) and 223 mg from other sources. MgO is poorly absorbed. Magnesium sulfate is a much better source of Mg which is highly bioavailable.

I’ll talk to the development team see if we can’t add this to the spread sheets. Thanks for the feedback!


That sucks :confused:

You gotta be careful because a lot of vitamin products are mostly filler like soy powder, as we learned a few months ago with big names like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens and Target

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Wait, what? Are we supposed to not use Soylent without supplements?

Supplements are meant to fill in the gaps in your diet. Theoretically there are no gaps with Soylent.

Also double negatives suck :wink:


we are suppose to. just use high quality supplement. This is one site helpful


This is concerning, but i have to ask are you sure? If its true, it could be an interesting data point, and mag deficiency tests too should be conducted on beta testers.

I had a doctor who said I most likely had it and advised me to take the supplement. Apparently it’s hard to measure as the magnesium is stored in your cells so the blood test may not pick up if you are deficient or not (I heard this - I don’t know how true it is). Anyway it’s possible my body doesn’t absorb it as well as others - who knows…

I just noticed that Soylent 2.0 has moved away from magnesium oxide - and changed a few other vitamins as well. Perhaps they have improved this in 2.0 due to feedback so now I am quite keen to try 2.0! I currently supplement magnesium and calcium but maybe with 2.0 this wouldn’t be needed.


I assume this was a reference to DIY Soylent, not the pre-packaged version.

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You’re right - I can’t even read my own sentence!

If you have requirement of higher nutrients (all or any one) which cannot be supplied easily from food/soylent/diy soylent, you will need extra supplements. just make sure they high quality and bioavailable.

I did not understand “double negatives” part

Having two negative words in a clause can make it confusing, because sometimes they cancel each other out, so the sentence would mean the same thing if you removed both negative terms, and would be easier to read.

The example being referred to isn’t exactly like that:

However, “not” and “without” are both negative. The sentence might be easier to understand if re-written with positive terms instead of the two negative ones, for example:

Are we supposed to only use Soylent with supplements?