Beware! NOW Foods Magnesium Citrate powder is actually trimagnesium citrate


Magnesium citrate is water soluble and contains 11% magnesium by mass. Trimagnesium citrate is insoluble and contains 16% magnesium by mass. Apparently, in the supplement world, trimagnesium citrate is sometimes sold as magnesium citrate. Take care you not confuse the two, as too much magnesium can be a real problem.


Thanks, I purchased the tri-version and checked just to be sure, and found this post. You helped me with this post!



Is there any concern with it being insoluble vs water soluble?


I would like to make a recommendation here, I have used magnesium supplements way before soylent came around. My body is very sensitive to low magnesium levels and I experience cardiac issues so I know right away when I take a supplement that is junk.
I have used Pure Encapsulations magnesium citrate for years without any problems. I made a mistake of running out a couple of times and each time I used another brand I had issues. Now I purchase most of my supplements from this manufacturer as they have very strict quality control and their products are used in many clinical trials.

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I use this one

it says magnesium from magnesium citrate