Beyond substituting regular food


I understand that, at least as of now, the purpose of Soylent is to just substitute regular daily meals. But what if it included other substances that seem to be necessary to keeping the human body healthy? Ray Kurzweil, for example, always talks about taking all sorts of chemicals in order to postpone natural mortality. What if those chemicals were included in Soylent?

I believe most of you fellow geeks are already familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work but in case you weren’t, here’s a couple of links:

I undestand that you can’t consider this a PRIORITY for the Soylent project, but once manufacturing is in full swing, how would you consider the possibility of “supplementing” Soylent with these substances?


What chemicals are those? Also, he says the chemicals he uses need to be delivered by IV.


Kurzweil is very specific about diet, vitamin and herb based supplements intake. A lot is described in his book “transcend”. I would be very glad if someone would create kurzweil based formula of soylent. “All sort of chemicals” doesn’t sound the best to describe his nutritioning imo.