Big Announcement Tomorrow?


Just got an email teasing a big Soylent announcement tomorrow. Any idea what it could be?


I’m a periodic user and former regular poster on here. Just placed my first order for Soylent in about a year earlier today and just got the email that there’s a major announcement tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what they’ve got.


A new powder flavor?


i didnt get an email from them, guess they dont love me, are they going to be at ces?


Promises will be kept!


breathing intensifies


Maybe a new Canadian Soylent?

Maybe a Soylent bar?

Maybe a replacement for nectar?


I’m betting on a flavored powder. Really it could be anything, but the teaser had a silhouette of both a powder bag and a tub, but no bottle.


Maybe to completely throw you off

:thinking: It must be either powder or tub… then BAM! it’s the nectar replacement in strawberry flavor!


Fingers crossed for return of the Soylent Bars! :crossed_fingers:


could someone post/link to a screenshot of this email please? i purchase my soylent through amazon so i’m guessing that i’m not getting this email, but i’m really curious!



that was more minimalist than anticipated lol… thanks a bunch!


“We signed a whole thing”

I’m betting that the powder will be sold in stores. Safeway? GNC? Costco? Walmart? No idea, just a guess. But “sequel” definitely implies another product. We’ll all know tomorrow!


Please be this. Right now I’m only drinking Cacao and I’d really like some variety.


Dont give me false hopes for a Europe release… :frowning: I’ve been waiting for that since the beginning of Soylent.


i read that in dennis leary voice


was there a time stated for announcement today? or do i just need to keep refreshing this page every 30 minutes lol


The suspense is killing me, I haven’t been to sleep yet.

Also, I just assumed it was going to be a new 2.0 flavor / nectar replacement, but I didn’t give much thought to the generic outline pic of the powder bag and stupid tub that accompanied the announcement. So now I might end up disappointed if this is powder related as I’ve gone just about all 2.0 in the last year or so (although I would definitely try out a new powder so that could still be exciting I guess!)

Oh, what if it’s just 1.9… I haven’t even had 1.8 yet so that WOULD be disappointing (to me).

EDIT: And if it’s just a retail/wholesale based development then I really won’t care (probably, unless it’s like way cheaper in bulk at Costco or something).


This immediately makes me think of a replacement for nectar (and a passing thought about a Food Bar comeback), or a Canadian fix… but a Canadian fix just seems highly unlikely to me (both for today and in the near future / long term, I have zero expertise in any area related to that ordeal though so take that with a grain of salt… I just can’t see Soylent putting any kind of rush or investment in to making a new formula just for customers living in America’s hat).


It won’t be Europe, but we are pushing hard with EU, even our marketing teams are meeting about it now.