Big Announcement Tomorrow?

still no news? It is today right?

I suspect that they will make the announcement at 12:00. It was 12:00 yesterday when they sent the email teaser.

It’s Chocolate power! I added a box to my current subscription. Good timing since my next order will ship in a couple days!

Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like there has been a price cut for the regular powder too.

Soylent powder Cacao flavor, v.1.9, pouches and tubs

Has it been mentioned yet what it was that needs a fix? Seems a little odd that all product lines including drinks were affected in this Canadian distribution problem. What exactly was the problem?

The pouches were already $54/box.

Best news i’ve heard regarding that subject so far ! thank you :slight_smile: !

Good timing. My subscription renewed today, so I changed one of my three boxes to Cacao. We’ll see how it goes. I’m glad it wasn’t a more drastic change to 1.8. I started on Soylent fairly recently, and I wouldn’t be keen on having to get used to something new so soon. The price of powered hasn’t changed; the Cacao is a bit more expensive.