Big belly after solid foods while on roughly 2/3 Soylent diet

So my wife and I have been eating soylent from something between 50% and 100% of our meals the last couple months (starting 2nd or 3rd week of January). While I have largely maintained my current weight, my wife has lost around 15 pounds. One thing she has noticed the last couple weeks is that after eating a solid meal her stomach often bulges - obviously she’s not happy about that.

Has anyone had the same experience? Anyone have any ideas about what’s causing this, or what can be done?

(Aside from the obvious options of going 100% soylent or eating only very small portions of solids, both of which we are considering)

A nutritionist has suggested that the liquid diet might be disrupting digestion and causing solid food to irritate her stomach. I’m not too sure about that, as we’ve been combining soylent and solid food for, like I said, 2 months now. Seems like our bodies should have long since gotten used to this mixed diet, unless it’s not possible for them to do so.

Any input is welcome. Thanks!

The volume of food. Soylent is a pretty light meal, it doesn’t take up much space. How big are her meals? How big is her belly getting? Is it a ridiculous pouch in her panza, or just a slight bit bigger?

Could this be something that has been going on her entire life before Soylent that she simply never noticed until after the extended time with smaller liquid meals?

You also mention she has lost some weight, it could also be the extra weight was masking this, now it’s just more noticeable. I’m a big guy, if I choose to I could put back 3k-4k calories in a meal and not see a bulge in my gut, but if when I get thin I were to do the same thing I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bulge on a now smaller frame (though I’d need to lose a lot more than 15 pounds before I’d expect to see these same results).

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I mean, she doesn’t eat a ton when we have solid meals, but I’m sure it’s a lot less compact than soylent, per calorie. It’s noticeable through tshirts at times. Definitely not her entire life, but possibly since our kiddo was born. I know that can affect stomach muscles for women so maybe that’s part of it.

The volume argument also makes sense, and I feel confident based on my eating habits that our stomachs have shrunk a bit.